This week, I was talking with a woman who thought she had screwed up her interview.

When we dissected it, she knew that the prep she had done for the interview was on point.

The hiring manager, for whatever reason, asked her questions, not in line with the job description she had been given or the role for which she was interviewing.

Which left her feeling like she had tanked the interview.

Did she wallow?

Did she go to self-beat up?


What did she do?

This smart woman went to our website and found a blog to help her through her feelings of disappointment. 

Yes, my heart expanded a bit.

Of course, I felt her pain but loved that she looked to InspiHER Tech for support.

This got me thinking that I should put together a short list of blogs that could be helpful when you are experiencing a career emergency.



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How to Find Clarity on Your REAL Career Values

We always hope to knock it out of the park on an interview. Sometimes we walk away feeling pretty darn good. Other times … not so much.

As someone wise once said to me (my husband), you can’t coach a player while they are in the batter’s box. You have to trust that all the work they did ahead of the game leads to a successful outcome.

And sometimes they hit a home run. And sometimes they fly out.

So prepare for your interviews. If you knock it out of the park, fantastic! If not, brush yourself off, head over to and get re-inspIHER’d!

Blogs are great but the best support for your job search and career is a coach! Sign up for one of our Career Strategy Sessions today!