I had my recruiting client call me after the interview and the first thing they said was, “I think I blew it. I was nervous for some reason. I felt like I rambled”.

I was so glad they called me.

When you call your recruiter directly following an interview it tells the recruiter a few things:

  1. It shows that you have respect for their process and their relationship with the client.
  2. It shows your level of interest. When you have prompt follow-up this is info the recruiter can express to the client company about your interest and can set you apart from other candidates.
  3. It gives both you and the recruiter a chance to talk through what happened when things are still fresh in your mind.

PRO TIP: Calling your recruiter is best. Having the back-and-forth on both sides is more effective if done on a call. Choose a call whenever possible. If you can’t talk right away, then send a quick text or email expressing your interest (or disinterest) in the role and a couple of reasons why.  Also include some times when you would be free to talk freely.

I Got Nervous. They Will Never Hire Me. 

Back to my recruiting client. I loved that they told me about their nerves.  If they had pretended that all went well, not including me in what they really felt, we would have missed out on a HUGE opportunity to remedy any missteps.

I reminded my recruiting client that most interviews are imperfect. It seems like it is human nature to negatively critique ourselves.  After an interview it is not unusual for the hit parade to start …

  • I should have answered that differently
  • I spoke too fast
  • I spoke too slow
  • I should have asked more questions
  • I should have asked less questions
  • I should have asked different questions

We all get nervous at some point in the interview process. And, because of this, I cannot say enough about partnering with your recruiter and/or career coach during the process.

As your recruiter, I can be your “fixer” with the client. I can talk to the client about your interest and remind them why you are an excellent choice for the role.

As your career coach, we can work together to craft your thank you email so that it addresses your strengths in a way that removes any possible doubts that your nervous responses may have caused.

Most importantly, we can put a stop to any negative self talk that might be getting in the way of you seeing all the positive things that occurred on your interview.

Cut yourself some slack and then lean in to your recruiter/career coach for assistance in downplaying any hesitations the client might have about why you.

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