Career Alchemy Academy

Career Alchemy Academy
Career Alchemy Academy

A career transformation membership community for
Women Connected to Tech

Led by certified career and life coach, Laurie Swanson

Career Alchemy Academy

Career Alchemy Academy

Starts Oct 2024

Does this sound like you right now?

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At a Career Crossroads

Life can push you off course.  You can find a career that ignites your passion and aligns with your values.

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Overwhelmed & Disconnected

Stuck in a rut? Silence the noise and connect with your inner widsom. Create a fulfilling career, one that reflects the real you. 

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Stalled Career Growth

On career autopilot? Ditch the daily grind! Start living your career dreams and inject energy and purpose into your work. 

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Fear of Making Career Mistakes

Are you stuck in career regret? Procrastinating on your dreams? Don’t let doubt win. Learn to make confident decisions and create the future you love!

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Underearning & Undervalued

Ready to believe in you? Negotiate anything with confidenceit’s your time to shine!

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Experiencing Career Burnout

Tired of people-pleasing? Start prioritizing yourself! Learn to set boundaries, reclaim energy, and design a career + life that fuels you.

What if it was easy to…

  • Leave burnout behind and shift your energy to a higher level. 
  • Get unstuck and make decisions with ease and confidence.
  • Create greater prosperity and let go of your scarcity mindset forever.
  • Feel calm, balanced, and spirit-centered.
  • Open doors and connect with others.
  • Leverage your current skills and gifts and find the career you love.

Sounding good? That’s just the beginning.

Career Alchemy Academy is the first step.

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Surround yourself with women from all parts of the tech ecosystem.

Technologists, tech managers and leaders, software sales, software implementors, designers, quality analysts, project managers, tech founders, tech support, customer experience …

Let’s cross the Career Success Gap™ together.

A Note from Laurie

Career Alchemy AcademyFeeling stuck in a career that drains you? You’re not alone.  I am Laurie Swanson, a certified career and life coach, TEDx speaker, Cornell-certified DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) expert, AAUW-trained negotiator, and spirit junkie.

Let’s face it, the world doesn’t always support our big work dreams, especially for women. Here are the facts: studies show women are leaving STEM fields at crazy rates, and overall happiness is WAY down.

But there’s good news too! I created Career Alchemy Academy to help you design the work-life you have dreamed about. Forget the title changes, it’s about being the authentic YOU at work (less mask, more flow!), doing work that energizes you, and making a real difference.

Ready to ditch the hustle and find your work-life magic? Join the Academy and you’ll:

  • Become unapologetically you: Smash limiting beliefs and outdated patterns holding you back.
  • Find your career soulmate: Do work that makes you feel ALIVE, not drained.
  • Build your dream team: Learn alongside amazing women and support each other’s success.
  • Craft a plan that works: We’ll turn your dreams into a step-by-step reality.
  • Finally, prioritize your happiness: Gain the confidence to go after what truly matters.

You are an alchemist! Let’s design your dream work-life together.

Career Alchemy Academy

Career Alchemy Academy is a monthly membership community. We meet online. Join us from anywhere in the world!

What to expect every month as a member of 


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2 LIVE calls per month, all recorded on Zoom. You never miss a thing!


  • First Tuesday 12 noon CT: Topic Discussions on the tangibles and intangibles of your career and life. Money, relationships, confidence, job search, career elevation, time management, leadership, thoughts and emotional management, going after your big dream and more.
  • Third Tuesday 6:30pm CT: Bring your career and life questions and limiting thoughts to our live Q&A and Mindset Method Coaching. Become an expert at managing your mind and your emotions, connecting with your authentic self and taking action on your dreams!
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PLUS: Networking sessions, exclusive events, speakers & more!

  • The CAA Knowledge Hub: Easy access to all the course materials and recorded calls
  • Private Facebook Page: Receive pep talks, shared wisdom and ongoing support
  • Spirit-Centered Experiences: Access your spiritual superpowers with fun adventures
  • Take Charge Digital Job Search Course:  9 modules and 30+ videos for job search success
  • First notice about Career Alchemy Academy Live and discounts on events.
Career Alchemy Academy
Career Alchemy Academy

In the Career Alchemy Academy, your career transformation follows a simple and actionable success path. 

What’s inside the Academy?

We focus on 3 things:

Your tangibles, your intangibles, and taking inspiHER’d action.

Your Tangibles

  • Job Search Tools– resume, LinkedIn Profile, cover letters
  • Networking– when. where. how. why.
  • Career Strategy Planning– your ideal role and how to get there
  • Communication Strategies– effective. transparent. confident.
  • Leadership Development– step into your authentic leadership style
  • Negotiation- what and how to ask for what you want

Your Intangibles:

  • Mindset- working on your limiting thoughts
  • Presence- identifying and managing your energy
  • Agency- trusting your inner authority and wisdom
  • Discernment- become an expert decision-maker
  • Spirit-Centered- creating solutions with ease and fun

InspiHER’d Action:

  • No more waiting
  • Move things forward
  • Experiment for the fun of it
  • Make plans and act on them
  • Evaluate, adjust, and go again
Career Alchemy Academy

Are you ready to create career gold ? 

Creating Career Alchemy Works. Here’s the Proof.