I call myself a True Nature Career Coach.

But the term “True Nature” can be unclear.

If I said Negotiation Coach or Leadership Coach or Interview Coach you would get it.

And I coach on all of those things but what I really am is a coach who works with women who are ready to step off the path of their expectations-driven career (where society, friends, family, and the media tell you what should be doing, what you should be earning, what you should be wearing etc.) and onto the path of their True Nature Career.

True-Authentic, Real, Genuine, Not False

Nature-Organic, Inherent, Elemental

Career-Your form of service in the world

Nicolas Cage Nailed It

I was recently watching the movie Pig starring Nicolas Cage (I highly recommend it).

Without giving too much away, Nicolas Cage is a hermit in the mountains of Oregon living alone except for his truffle pig. He has someone who visits him once a week and brings him living essentials in exchange for the superior truffles he provides for the local Portland restaurants.

One evening his truffle pig is stolen. Nicolas is on a mission to get his pig back. He heads out of the woods for the first time in 10 years.

You then learn, piece by piece, why he became a hermit. In order to find his pig,  he has to resurrect relationships from his past.

In one compelling scene, Nicolas is in a top-notch restaurant talking to the chef who has been using his truffles. You learn that the chef once worked for Nicolas for a very short amount of time before Nicolas fired him.

In the conversation, Nicolas asks the chef essentially if he is happy in this high-end restaurant. The chef defends his choice. He talks about the investors and how long the waiting list is to eat there. Then Nicolas reminds him that when he had fired him, he asked the chef about his dream. The chef told him that he dreamed of opening up a pub with a scotch egg as the signature dish.

It is clear that the chef remembers the conversation and that this is still a dream that an expectations-driven culture career has replaced. 

Nicolas recognizes this as well and says:

“They’re not real. You get that, right? None of it’s real.

Why do you care about these people? They don’t care about you. None of them.

They don’t even know you because you haven’t shown them. Every day you’ll wake up and there’ll be less of you.

You live your life for them, and they don’t even see you.

You don’t even see yourself.


We don’t get a lot of things to really care about.”

What Are You Not Showing People? 

That is what happens when you choose a culture-driven career over your True Nature Career.

You don’t show the world what is really inside of you. You hold back and less and less of your true self shines through. People never really know you-your genuine, authentic, real self.

That is why I do what I do. Because my True Nature Career involves working with women who have gotten out of alignment with their own True Nature. They have many of the symptoms alerting them to the fact that they are out of alignment. They feel tired, frustrated, confused. There may be broken relationships, gray-area drinking or debt. Yet expectations keep them stuck.

As a True Nature Career Coach, we naturally discuss the practical – how to write a powerful resume, become a more confident leader, top interview tips AND we discuss how to get in back in sync with your True Nature. We look at what really matters to you. What has run it’s course in your career. Where are you hiding away your gifts, skills and abilities.  And we bring in spiritual tools that help make the whole job search and career transition peaceful and prosperous.

We don’t get a lot of things to really care about.

We don’t get a lot of time to do what we really love.

Your True Nature Career is like an expensive truffle. It often gets buried under the weeds, leaves and dirt of a culturally-defined, expectations-driven career. It’s time to sniff it out. Oink-oink 🐷!

Is it time to answer the call of your True Nature Career?  Then let’s talk. Send an email to Hello@inspiHERtech.com  and put True Nature in the subject line.  I will send you a link to set a time to chat. Do not let your True Nature Career stay buried.