I’m on a bit of a mission.

How to create alternative lines of revenue. Both for myself and my clients.

As I am getting further along in my career, I am feeling a downshift.

I am feeling the pull to do more of what I love and less of what I have to do.

I am calling this the feeling of Hitting a Career Reset.

Maybe you are feeling the same way and asking yourself the same question …

How do I downshift my current form of work without downshifting my revenue?

In the Unstoppable Series, in September we talked about becoming a speaker as a revenue stream. Link

This Friday, Oct 7th at 11:30 am, we talk about how to get a paid board seat. Register Here

In January,  we look into investing in bitcoin and Ethereum as a (riskier) way to build revenue. Register Here

You could also consider real estate investing, writing a book, selling your hand-knit sweaters or, like me, you could create an online program that teaches people something drawing on your expertise.

If you have been a project manager maybe a short course about running an agile project.

You have mastered a new programming tool…write a course.

You’ve spent your career in manufacturing. Loads of possibilities there.

On my end, I’m putting together a program for 2023 called Career Reset This will be a program where you will reconnect, reimagine and reinvent your career so that you are realigned with your True Nature (aka Essential Self) AND find a path to making alternative revenue if that is something you want to do.

If you are feeling the downshift, then maybe it is because there is a Career Reset in your future. If so, I got you!

Send me an email ([email protected]) with “ I’m ready for a Career Reset! ” in the subject line and then let me know what your career reset money maker might be.

No limits on this. What could you do that would make your heart sing AND might also bring in income?

I cannot wait to hear from you.

Career Reset Strategy: Make Alternative Forms of 💰 Revenue