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Tap into the power of your true nature – with expert coaching.


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Career Strategy Session

A high-level coaching session to turbo-charge your career

A Career Strategy Session is the best annual tune-up for women working with or in technology. In this 1-on-1 convo with Laurie, get clear on career next steps and what really matters to YOU. Strategy is often the missing piece – yet it is a pathway for an inspired life. Schedule time in your calendar for what might be the most pivotal conversation of your career. klsdjflsjflsdkjflsdkfjlsdkj

Negotiation Strategy Session

A 1-on-1 coaching session to position you to win

Nothing stands between you and what you want. Get clear on your end goals and feel confident to ask for what you want. Laurie will prep you in a 1-on-1 session for a results-driven negotiation exchange. Know what you’re asking for and how to ask for it! Remove self-limiting doubts and own your achievements when you negotiate. More money✔. More influence✔. More freedom✔. 

True Nature 1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Personal coaching to connect your career with your true nature

It’s hard to imagine your future self when you’re busy doing life. In this 1-on-1 program with Laurie, goals come into sharp focus – so your desired future is visible and achievable. Suddenly, switching careers, career advancement or making a side hustle happen is within reach. Accountability keeps you honest and on track.  kljljhlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjllkjlkjlkjlkkkkk

Take Charge 1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Transform action into traction for job search success.

Take Charge Personal Coaching is job search guidance tailored to you, your interests and your goals. Master your job search – and enjoy the journey. Differentiate yourself at each critical milestone. Make your resume and LinkedIn profile magnets to potential employers. Sharpen your interviewing and negotiating skills. Find a job that gets you excited about going to work. All with Laurie, your Career Sherpa by your side.

Rejuvenation: A Mini-Adventure

When you feel rejuvenated, life suddenly opens up.

Reconnect with your body, healthy habits and a growth mindset. InspiHER Tech Mini-Adventures are live, virtual master class-style sessions. Join Laurie on a 4-week Rejuvenation Mini-Adventure and explore the BEST kinds of reinvigoration designed around you – in a close-knit environment of encouragement and fun. Bring on the fun, wisdom and soulful sharing with others for powerful rejuvenation!


Get InspiHER’d Job Search Masterclass

Transform action into job search traction in 4 virtual group sessions.

Find the job that’s right for you – faster and with more focus. The InspiHER’d Job SearchMaster Classcovers the secrets, tools and tactics of a successful job search. Learn and network in a small group, one-hour session that meets virtually for four consecutive weeks (no worries, you’ll receive the recording if you miss one!). Demystify how to differentiate yourself, make your resume and LinkedIn profile attract potential employers, and sharpen your interviewing and negotiating skills so you close the deal with more joy and more money in your pocket.

Why Women in Tech and Tech-Related Careers?

As women in the workplace, we stand today at the intersection of technology and expanded consciousness/miracles/magic/possibility/Spiritual-center. 

We see a world that embraces data and tech as tools to create the greater good. We have the skills, abilities and ambition to change our old world culture of hierarchy and ranking to one of collaboration and community. We can feel what’s possible as our current society is being dismantled. 

We know on the inside that we are essential to this change. 

THIS IS NOT A REVOLUTION BUT AN EVOLUTION where the qualities essential to the feminine are embraced as the way to our necessary transformation. Our career choices that start on the inside are essential. Our clarity of purpose is essential. Our determination is essential. Our courage is essential. Our vision is essential.

Our power as women in the new world is essential.


Equal work. Equal pay. Equal benefits. Equal opportunity. Equal Voice.

Companies with more than 30% women executives were more likely to outperform companies with 10% to 30% women executives. In turn, these companies were more likely to outperform those with even fewer women executives or none at all. The likelihood of outperformance—48%—separates the most from the least gender-diverse companies.

Source – Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters; McKinsey May 19, 2020 report


Women make up less than 25% of computer-related tech workers.


Bias causes U.S. women in tech to leave the tech field at 45% higher rate than men.  In one survey only 27% cited family as the primary reason for leaving tech.


According to Recode:  “On average, women with 7 – 10 yrs. of experience, for example ask for 90 cents on the dollar and are offered more – 93 cents for every dollar a man is offered.”


63% of the time, men were offered higher salaries then women for the same role at the same company.


Women in tech ask for less pay 66% of the time, and will often ask for 6% less salary than male counterparts.