For women in tech-related careers who are Unstoppable in their careers and lives! 

Get InspiHER’d Job Search Masterclass

Date: October 28, November 4, November 11, November 18
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 noonCT
Location: Zoom Call

Get InspiHER’d is a job search masterclass for women in tech-related careers ready for change

Get InspiHER’d is a 4-week Masterclass PLUS it accelerates the Take Charge Digital Course (including 9 on-demand job search modules plus bonus videos you can go back to again and again!). In just 4 weeks, get the strategy, techniques and tools of finding a job as you cover the Take Charge course in a guided approach with expert career coach Laurie Swanson

The Unstoppable Series:

Gaining Trust, Giving Feedback and Not Looking Like a “B!%?*”   

Featuring guest speakers

Krissie McMenamin, Principal, MindLevers and Founder, Chief Explorer with AskHUH?
Kathryn Cornwell, Principal, MindLevers and Freelance Consultant

The Unstoppable Series:  Live, Virtual Conversations That Inform and Inspire Women 


Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm CST
Location: Zoom Call, FREE Virtual “IT” Community event

Moderated by Laurie Swanson, Career Sherpa, InspiHER Tech CEO and Founder

The truth hurts sometimes. Funny, though, when our male counterparts deliver the truth at work, they come off as strong and confident. In those same instances, women are labeled pushy and hard to work with. 

As women who are hungry in their careers, both Krissie and Kat have personally lived the friction between being nice and being a bitch. (Spoiler Alert: being a “bitch” worked much more in their favor.) 

Learn how to own your inner boss in this amazing Unstoppable where Krissie and Kat pay  forward career-changing lessons learned with humor, humility and honesty. We’ll be exploring the balance between trust and feedback – and dissect the elements of trust, how to get more of it and ways to deliver feedback in an unmuddied way. 

Your takeaways:

  • Understand the connection between trust and feedback.
  • Feel motivated to provide feedback in all aspects of their lives, not just at work.
  • Develop a plan for how to get started.

“I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” 

– E.B. White 

“When we’re not there, we’re not there to know we’re not there.”  

– Ellen Langer, professor in the Psychology Department at Harvard University, founder of The Langer Mindfulness Institute, described as the “mother of mindfulness”

Krissie McMenamin loves getting curious about people. She is principal at MindLevers and founder and Chief Explorer with AskHUH? An entrepreneur, experience-creator, speaker, and space-holder, she believes we can change the world from the inside out, if we pause and ask… huh? A recovering marketer of 15 years, Krissie has an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern and is back at school studying transformational leadership and coaching. She loves doing cartwheels and co-creating aha moments with others.


While on paper she goes by Kathryn Cornwell, you can call her Kat. She is principal at MindLevers and a freelance consultant with nearly 18 years in the corporate world of talent and development. Kat is a self-proclaimed recovering operator and loves to dig into the data or scrub a P&L. She is passionate about people and integrity…and not afraid to call bullsh*t. What you can expect from her is to be authentic and a bit cheeky. While she is not as confident as Krissie in her own tumbling skills, she will indulge in a cartwheel or two after some deep stretching.