For women leaders and Women in Tech who are Unstoppable in their careers and lives! 

The Unstoppable Series

Creating a Prosperous Money Mindset

With Jessica Miller, Founder


Date:  Friday, February 10
Time:  11:30 am – 12:30 pm CT
Location:  Zoom Call, FREE Virtual “IT” Community event

Moderated LIVE by: Laurie Swanson, InspiHER Tech Founder and #1 Career Sherpa for Inspired Women

Are the money stories you tell yourself holding you back? Find out in this amazing talk with mindset and money coach Jessica Miller where she shares her journey from a successful career in corporate, to a serious health scare, to the truth behind a thriving money mindset.

In this InspiHER-ing Unstoppable, you’ll learn why everything you’ve told yourself about money has dictated your career: how we identify ourselves by the work we produce, the company we work with, the paycheck we get and the title on our business card. The startling reality, though, is that all these things could disappear in a flash. 

So claim your money maker star status – no matter where you are in your career. Feel the shift. Validate yourself internally. And then prepare to thrive.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to connect career identity with a thriving money mindset
  • Steps to making the kind of money you really want
  • How to “see” yourself in your career with fresh eyes
  • Game-changing ways to banish doubt and fear
  • The first step toward your money mindset journey

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Everything you’ve told yourself about money has dictated your career.” 
-Jessica Miller, CEO of Jessica Miller Coaching


Jessica Miller is CEO and founder of Jessica Miller Success Coaching. As a mindset and money coach, she helps company founders reframe success. Entrepreneurs spend loads of time searching endlessly for interested customers and ping-ponging between enough revenue to survive or an empty bank account. This is where Jessica steps in, helping entrepreneurs create magnetic offers that sell themselves so they can stop chasing clients and money, and instead create consistent income so they can run their business with ease. She is the host of the popular It’s Your Offer Podcast and has an impressive background in sales, including leadership positions with Eli Lilly and Company, AMAG Pharmaceuticals and Shire where she served as head of global medical communications.

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