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Give your audience the pivotal moment they’ve been waiting for. 

Hi! I am a Career Transformation Coach. As a successful tech recruiter for more than two decades, I have connected countless women with fulfilling careers.

Here’s what I’ve learned: there is only one way to find peace, prosperity and purpose in a career. YEP, ONE WAY. The holy grail of work happens when you align inner knowing with outward actions so you are in flow, high-performing and JOYFUL.

This is when we feel confident, energetic and at ease in our careers. And employers benefit from engaged team members and a thriving culture. 

We live in a world where doing what work we love seems impossible. Yet, it’s within every person’s and every company’s reach.


Empowering Women to Reimagine Potential in the New World of Work

Laurie talks about career transformation, mindset, and intuitively-guided careers. Whether it’s a keynote, featured speaker engagement or contributing to a panel discussion, Laurie delivers. She customizes every speaking engagement to meet your goals.

With passionate energy, humor, and storytelling, audience members leave with clarity about their careers, lives and role in the world.

Empowering Content

People make about 35,000 decisions every day. Our world seems more complex and crowded than ever. The fallout from this is a disconnect with our inner selves. The result: drowning in overwhelm, feeling stuck in our careers, quiet quitting and the glaring truth that what used to light us up just doesn’t anymore.

Give your audience an unforgettable experience – and a reason to pause and gather their thoughts about how to pursue a career guided by inner wisdom, greater prosperity, and a dramatically higher level of performance.

InspiHER Your Audience

Laurie is available for live and virtual events.