Listen up! Time for a 🎤 mic drop moment.

While shoveling for the second time today I had a clearly Inspired thought. You know how that happens.

Every day, actually in every moment, we have an opportunity to be either a burden or a gift.

Ask yourself, at each pause in your day, how may I be a gift to myself, to my boss, to my colleagues, to my friends, to my family?

It’s time to unwrap and discard the burden and offer up your gifts.

Another mic 🎤 drop moment

A gift is not just an action but also a shift in your energy towards someone or something.

  • Offer to help a colleague out
  • Don’t wait to be asked
  • Recommit with rejuvenated energy to a project you’ve been on for what feels like forever
  • Raise your hand
  • Speak up
  • Go the extra mile

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