Event – Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma

Career Creativity Course 

Using Creativity to Solve

Your Career Dilemma:

Led by Laurie Swanson, Coach for Women in Tech 

Tap your creative problem-solving skills and learn what the next right step is for you.

I work with Women in Tech who are ready to have more agency over their lives – and are not sure where to start. My clients have overcome fear of failure, lack of confidence and that debilitating feeling of not knowing what to do next. Go from straddling the fence to feeling the freedom only clarity brings forth.

Here’s the thing. Your brain craves safety. Your major command center literally tells you to resist change and stay put.

Staying put, though, can make you feel burnt out and overextended. Like you have no agency over your life. Caught in a vortex of Meeting Madness and More Work for the Same Pay, you silence your inner voice. Rinse, wash and repeat. All the while, everyone keeps reminding you that life is short and you’re like: Thanks, that really helps my stress levels.

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So, if you’re wondering:

  • What do I need to have in place in order to make a change?
  • What do I already know that makes this change easy?
  • What is my career dream? 
  • Why am I resisting a career change? 
  • What do I want to keep doing and what do I want to let go of?
  • How can I become more confident in my career?
  • If I’m done with corporate, then what? 

Use creativity to figure it out – and enjoy – the decision journey of keeping or leaving your career. 

Past Creativity Projects

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma

Ready to make a life decision?

Create with me for 14 straight days. Find answers. Access expanded wisdom. Experience support on a higher level.

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma

If you want:

Answers about your career
Confidence to take action
Less fear and more clarity
A sense of purpose about your future

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma


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One thing I’ve learned from coaching thousands of people is that solutions do not live outside of ourselves. When we access creativity (aka curiosity + imagination), we lean into our inner wisdom to make smarter decisions.

The Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma course sets you on the path to true transformation for an amazing future … plus it’s just good fun!


Once you sign up, you’ll get the Zoom details (same link for each call), access to the private Facebook community and the downloadable Companion Journal.


  • Recorded calls so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t make it.
  • Private Facebook community. (A place to connect and share your creations. Because community = magic).
  • Downloadable Companion Journal to capture all your solutions.
  • 14 days of self-guided career inspiHERation with Laurie rooting you on!

HOW IT WORKS – 6 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Decide on your Career Dilemma. What has been causing you the most angst in your career? What, if you could solve the dilemma, would bring you more joy?

Step 2. Choose a creative medium. Draw, paint, design, write, walk, journal, video, knit, garden, do yoga, set up a beehive… The options are endless …  and no artistic skill is required.

Step 3. Use your chosen medium to create something for yourself every day for 14 days. Spend 10 minutes or 2 hours. You decide.

Step 4: Post your creation on our private Facebook page if you would like to share.

Step 5. Capture your creative solutions. Use the Companion Journal to prompt creative solutions that have arisen through your creative process.

Step 6. Join the LIVE Zoom calls to connect, reveal, discuss, and celebrate our collective creativity.

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma

Express your creative self.

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“Stress and worry, they solve nothing. What they do is block creativity. You are not even able to think about the solutions…”

Susan L. Taylor, Journalist, Editor of Essence Magazine

Event - Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma