Career Reset

Career Reset is for Women who feel like they’ve lost their drive – but not their fierce desire to have an impact in their work.

Question:  Will this year be different?

Career Reset Group Program

A spiritually-centered approach to career transformation

Begins Tuesday, August 8 – join today! 

As a woman, you have the analytical know-how to make solid decisions. Yet, lots of clients tell me they feel “stuck”,  “unclear” and “lacking inner spark.”

Why the disconnect?

Here’s what I’m hearing from women in career transformation:

My work doesn’t light me up anymore.

Everything keeps piling on with no end in sight. 

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my drive and ambition.

I want to start my dream side hustle, but I freeze every time I think of it.

I’m burnt out and overscheduled. No more meetings! 

I wonder if it’s too late to change things up. Do I just ride things out? 

I believe I could make a real difference in our work culture yet I’m not sure how.

Grab your inner compass. The direction of your career is about to change. You have everything it takes to  . . .

  • Clearly visualize your career future
  • Earn more money
  • Put more free time on your calendar
  • Feel greater self-fulfillment
  • Do your life’s work
  • Shift your energy as a response to stress and uncertainty
  • Show the world the real you
  • Clearly see your next career action steps and options

I’m here to tell you all these things are possible. Career Reset leads you from “I’m fed up” to “I feel amazing!” 

Hey, friend, you walk no road alone.

You’ve worked your way up. Put in your time. Yet, what made you happy before doesn’t anymore. Tiny shifts happened while you were busy doing, doing, doing.

Now, your purpose and passion feel gone, gone, gone. It’s not just you. I’m finding a lot of women feel this way, especially since the world of work has changed.

As you evolve, your career can feel like it no longer fits. I wanted to know why this happens so I hit the books! Research shows that our brains change as we advance in our careers. You’re not losing mojo, you just need to reconnect with your True Nature – all the things that make you who you are today.

Sometimes, it is even possible to lose yourself along the way. Enough already. I’m here for you. Start your Career Reset today.



Begins Tuesday, August 8 – Join Today.

7-Week / 8-Session Program

Introducing Career Reset

Career Reset guides you to reconnect, reimagine, and reset your career by realigning you with your inner wisdom and outer guidance.  The payoff: belief in yourself, higher energy, greater self-fulfillment, and YOU in the driver’s seat of what comes next. Plus measurable success like earning more, having space and flexibility in your day, and leading with confidence.




Join a group of other women encouraging you and your dreams forward. The Career Reset Canvas keeps all your epiphanies, milestones, and insights in one place


Live Coaching with Laurie 

Get coaching with Laurie during live, group coaching sessions. Laurie has guided thousands of people toward careers they love.


Rediscovering Your Ambitions and Energy

Let’s be clear: it isn’t that you’re no longer ambitious. That’s not the problem. It’s that you have evolved. We do the inner work to find out what lights you up – and the most effective energy to fuel your new ambitions. Before we get to your how, we start with your who.



Career Reset takes a spiritual approach to the inner work you’ll do with proven, tactical steps for outer action.



Weekly topics, community connection, small action steps between sessions, and deep soul work moves you forward toward self-fulfillment and career success.


  • 7 Weeks, 8 LIVE, 60-minute virtual sessions with Laurie over Zoom
  • Meet Every Tuesday from 11:30 – 12:30/12:45 am CT
  • Plus: 30 extra minutes of Q and A and coaching at the end of every session
  • Recordings of each session sent to your inbox (listen again and again)
  • 1 Bonus Live Session:  The Passion Test  Assessment 
  • Advanced Thought Work – get what you REALLY want
  • Ideal Role Description – create a role description that starts with and reflects YOU
  • Email access to Laurie between sessions – get answers as needed
  • The power of group coaching. Learning, and exploring together
  • A Welcome Swag Box that is ON FIRE!  ($125+ value)
  • A community of women supporting each other’s success (Priceless!)

Begins Tuesday, August 8 – join today!

Change Your Career Future Now!  7-week /8-session program for $2497

Career Reset


Weekly Topics

Week 1 – Connect the dots of your career looking backward. Inform what’s next.

Week 2 – Harness the power of your thoughts with advanced thought work. 

Week 3 – Connect with your Inner Wisdom and Outer Guidance. Trust Yourself. 

Week 3+ BONUS Session: Take the Passion Test.

Week 4 – Use your energy to lead yourself and others with confidence.

Week 5 – Your Ideal Role Description. Including the vital and meaningful. 

Week 6 – Your 3 Essentials Plan -inspiHERational, concrete, AND measurable. 

Week 7 – Celebrate your InspiHER’d action steps with the community. 


Be a part of a  group of amazing women while gaining greater self-awareness, empowering your inner voice, using Intentional Results Creation to override doubts, and mastering your energy leadership. Reconnecting to your True Nature is the essential inner work that gives you the power to change paths, go for what you really want, demand more, and create a career that works for you.


BONUS: Get more access to Laurie and build your community of like-minded women through a private Career Reset Facebook group. (community = priceless)

BONUS: Reconnect to the things you love most – and align these passions with your career in this bonus group session using the Passion Test™, the world’s #1 tool to discover passion and purpose. ($347 value)

BONUS: 3-month access to Take Charge: The only job search digital course created just for women in tech. ($500+ value)

BONUS:  On Fire “InspiHERation” swag box. ($125+ value)

What is the Take Charge Digital Course

When you join Career Reset one of our cool bonuses is the Take Charge Job Search Digital Course. This is an all-in-one job search success tool I created out of my 25+ years of experience supporting others to successfully navigate their job search.

You will get 3-months unlimited access to the course when you join Career Reset (joining is the only way to get this course by the way).

Here is a list of what you get in the course:

  • 9 modules with 20+ HD videos (about 7 minutes each) that will walk you through what to expect and how to have an easy, confident and effective job search.
  • This is a self-paced course. Watch the videos when you want, wherever you want.
  • Plus: get 25+ samples, done-for-you downloadables, resource lists, cheat sheets and templates — professional career services charge hundreds for these.
  • With unlimited access for 3 months you can go back and review all the great info at your own pace.

Take Charge is like having a personal career coach on demand. You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a recruiter magnet
  • Peak curiosity with a resume that creates desire (and does the hiring manager’s homework!)
  • Get game day ready with strategic interview and follow-up techniques
  • Craft stories that deepen connection during interviews and set you apart
  • Recruiter secrets to finding you on LinkedIn
  • Search for jobs in places most candidates don’t even know exist
  • Ask for more money with strategic negotiating confidence
  • Press reset on your job search mindset and overcome the confidence gap that holds many women in business back
  • Ask questions at the Career Reset Q and A and in the private Facebook community


How do I know if Career Reset is right for me?

Great question! Career Reset is for you if you are ready to transform:

  • Your career – your current role/company is no longer working for you.
  • Your job search – bring more “I got this” energy to every step.
  • Who you are at work – more authentic and confident.
  • How you work – less hustle and more ease and fun

Are there payment plans available?

We do not offer payment plans but can split your payments into two cards if that works best for you. Just email and we will figure it out.

What if I miss a session?

No worries. You will receive the recording for each session by email and it will be in the private Facebook page.

Do you offer a refund?

No – and there is a reason. We want you to be all-in from the start. In CAREER RESET, each session is a stepping stone toward a more fulfilling and successful career that is aligned with your passions, gifts, skills, and dreams. Change can feel scary. One of my favorite quotes is “Never argue in the dark a decision you made in the light”. Join. Decide to get what you came for. Don’t look back!

There are tons of books and YouTube videos on career development. Aren’t those enough?

There are lots of resources (we’ve seen them all!). But one book, video or podcast can’t personally guide you to success like LIVE coaching, 20+ years of recruiting experience, inner guidance and reflection, career clarity, and the positive energy of your peers.

Why not just ask my best friend to keep me accountable?

We are all about running buddies, writing buddies, and accountability buddies. If you choose that path, we support you 100%.

Here’s the thing, in Career Reset, you’ll get things you can’t find anywhere else: expert guidance to reconnect with your inner self, space to reimagine your career future, and precise step-by-step instruction to reinvent your career into something amazing.

INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE (because life goes by fast)

With Career Reset you receive over $5000 worth of value for only $2497. Other programs cover the fundamentals – with most career coaches charging $200 to $500 per hour.

Career Reset is the ONLY program to reset your career starting with your inner self to create remarkable outward results.

The payoff is immeasurable. You will carry what you learn into every job and area of your life going forward!

Clarity from 7 weeks of transformational coaching

Support from a community of women

Access to Laurie between sessions

Proven tools, assessments, and insight

No regrets. No apologies. No sidelining your dreams.

Grab your spot today.