Career Reset v2

Create a Path to

 Personal Freedom

in 8 weeks without fear, doubt – or putting your career dream on perpetual hold

Career Reset

with Laurie Swanson

Career Reset is a LIVE COACHING, 8-week group program for career woman dreaming of a career reset, monetizing their passions and expertise – and preparing the path to a career aligned with who they are today.


The next session starts on Tuesday, March 26th,

12:00 noon CT

You don’t have to spend endless hours reading books or googling “what’s my purpose.” Kickstart your dreams by meeting weekly for 8 weeks. Whether it’s right now or years down the road, you’ll be ready to become to pursue your career dream without sacrificing financial or emotional security.

Here’s what I’m hearing from women in career transformation:

My work doesn’t light me up anymore.

Everything keeps piling on with no end in sight. 

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my drive and ambition.

I want to start something new, but I freeze every time I think of it.

I’m burnt out and overscheduled. No more meetings! 

I believe I could make a real difference in this world – yet I’m not sure how.


Career Reset Gives You . . .



Architect your exit strategy – on your timeframe and terms, plus confidently create your desired results for your dream career. You can when you make the decision.



Create abundant, productive energy by connecting inner desires with outer action steps toward your career dream. You can when make the decision.



Earn as much as you want.  “Protect your pocketbook” as you go from your old career into your dream career. You can when make the decision.



Learn the “no hustle” approach to pursuing your career dream through thought work, energy work, and spirit-centered tools. You can when make the decision.


The Opportunity to Be a Difference-Maker

Do good. Share your talents. Impact and inspire people through your dream career. You can when make the decision.

Hey, friend, you walk no road alone.

You’ve worked your way up. Put in your time. Yet, what made you happy before doesn’t anymore. Tiny shifts happened while you were busy doing, doing, doing.

Now, your purpose and passion feel gone, gone, gone. It’s not just you. I’m finding a lot of women in tech feel this way, especially since the world of work has changed.

As you evolve, your career can feel like it no longer fits. I wanted to know why this happens so I hit the books! Research shows that our brains change as we advance in our careers. You’re not losing mojo, you just need to reconnect with your True Nature – all the things that make you who you are today.

Sometimes, it is even possible to lose yourself along the way. Enough already. I’m here for you.

Ready for a Career Reset?

Reset Your Career!

Bring on the Bonuses …


BONUS #1: Community

Join an amazing group of Women in Tech who will walk beside you, encourage you and champion your dreams forward.


BONUS #2: VIP Access to Laurie

Like a direct line to career expertise. In addition to getting Laurie’s career coaching services during group sessions, you can access Laurie through a private Career Reset Facebook page or email her with questions at any time.


BONUS #3: 2 Q&A Calls with Laurie

All of your questions- answered. These bonus Q&A calls are designed to give you the space you need to ask questions about the program, your gifts, your spirituality, or your next big move.

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BONUS #4:  Learn the Decision Making Method 

Are you tired of second-guessing your every move? Procrastinating on the things you say you want? In this special bonus video, Laurie you teach you a Decision Making Method connected to your values that changes how you will make all your decisions going forward. Feel confident and get desired results.


BONUS #5: CREssentials Swag Box

We won’t spoil the surprise, but past participants have said items in their box were “game-changing” and “inspiring way beyond expectations.” (Can’t wait for this box to land on your doorstep!)



It’s Reset Time!

We begin on Tuesday, March 26th at 12:00 noon CT.

Get weekly topics, community connection, action steps between sessions, and deep soul work to help you exit corporate America, launch your business opportunities and, of course, become your own boss. 

  • 8 Weeks, 8 LIVE, 75-minute virtual sessions with Laurie over Zoom
  • Meets Every Week
  • Plus: 30 extra minutes of Q&A and coaching at the end of every session
  • Recorded sessions sent to your inbox (listen again and again)
  • Bonus Videos to deepen your connection to yourself and your Career Reset

Only Career Reset has the Career Reset Canvas, the Connect the Career Dots Framework identifying your transferable Gifts, Abilities and Passions, Ideal Role Description template revealing your true calling, the 3 self-empowerment tools (thought work, energy work and spirit-centered tools) that support transforming your current career and starting fresh with ease, confidence, and joy, and the Career Reset Plan™  to roadmap your career reset strategy.

Career Reset Week by Week


Connect Your Career Dots™. Reclaim your gifts, abilities and skills.


Take the Passion Test and discover what lights you up + Q and A Thursday (12-1 pm CT)


Learn a framework to work with your thoughts to create your desired outcomes


Integration Week with optional Q and A Thursday (12-1 pm CT)


Become an expert on identifying and working with your Energy for your benefit


Reconnect to your Intuitive Guide System. Develop your inner wisdom and outer guides as added support + Q and A Thursday (12-1pm CT)


Build Ideal Role Description™.  Clearly define your Career Dream.


Create Your Career Reset Plan™ adding momentum to your Career Reset with doable and actionable steps

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Begins Tuesday, March 26 at 12 pm CT

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