I was reading a book by a woman who has dedicated her life and career to helping people eat better, lose weight and improve their overall health. She valued living a healthy lifestyle.

The basis of her program was that eliminating processed foods, including flour and sugar, and eating a low sodium diet were the pathways to good health.

Until she passed out during her yoga class, hit her head, and ended up in the hospital. 

That is when her doctor broke the news that she had a sodium deficiency. This was why she passed out.

Her core value that we should all be living in optimal health did not change.

Her belief that a low sodium diet was how you achieved optimal health did.

Values versus Beliefs

Values are the big picture guiding principles that you live by. Your beliefs are those things you do and say that support your values.

Once you are at a certain age, values generally do not change. You have determined your values as you go through life. You learn them from parents, question them and then settle on those that resonate with who you are. When you think about your values you feel good.

Examples of your values could include freedom, fun, friendship, honesty etc.



One definition of a belief I heard is that it is a thought that repeats itself.

Thoughts are meant to be questioned. Just because we have a thought does not mean it’s true. Our thoughts can create havoc and, if they have cemented themselves as beliefs, we often do not even consider the possibility that we can change our beliefs.

Until we pass out at yoga.

Like values, your beliefs should feel expansive…filled with positive and joyful energy.

If the belief leaves us feeling confused, bad about ourselves and contracted then it is time to replace that belief with one that does.

Try This Belief Buster Exercise

Step 1: State a Value

Example: I value freedom.

Step 2: State an associated belief

Example: I need lots of money in order to be free.

Step 3: Check-in with your body

Example: When you state your belief how does that feel in your body. Expansive or contracted? Does your jaw clench, your throat tighten? If yes, then go to Step 3. If no, go to Step 5.

Step 3: Question your belief

Example: Ask yourself, is this belief true? Has there ever been a time when you felt free, and it had nothing to do with the money? Move to Step 4.

Step 4: Restate your value with a new belief

Example: I value Freedom. I feel free when I am laughing with my friends, walking in nature, sitting on my patio. My freedom has nothing to do with my bank account.

Step 5: Keep stating your values and questioning their associated beliefs

Watch how more and more your days are filled with joy and expansion as you rid yourself of beliefs that are no longer true for you.

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