True Nature

Your True Nature Knows the Secrets to a Great Career

Get centered. Feel aligned. Create a roadmap.

True Nature is a 1-on-1 program with Laurie. Connect your career with your true nature, monetize your passions and do what you are truly called to do in this world. 

What lights you up inside? 

How will you be of service to others through your work? 

What makes you feel in flow and free?

You feel the winds of change . . . but you’re not sure what to do. Your true nature, however, knows.

Maybe you want a . . .

  • new job in Corporate America
  • bigger company
  • smaller company
  • tech start-up
  • nonprofit
  • company of your own
  • strategic exit strategy
  • small shift so you’re doing your career differently – like going from programming into product design.

True Nature connects you to your spiritual core and sets you on a path to more. Suddenly, switching careers, career advancement or monetizing your side hustle is achievable. 

We meet you where you’re at! Every session is tailored to you, your career goals and the person you are on the inside.



A 4-session, 1-on-1 career coaching program. You will:

  • Get clear on your career mission.
  • Tap into your spiritual center
  • Go from career status quo to career excitement 
  • Build your career toolkit (job search, positioning, strategy)

What to Expect


Connect inner knowing with outer direction!

Get clarity plus action steps – big and small. Identify what matters to you! Laurie will help you explore your current career path, your career aspirations and dive deep into your spiritual center and what you REALLY want. What do you like? What don’t you like? Trust what you already know and get the expert guidance to align them with action. 

You will have: A clear picture of your skills, abilities and gifts.


To achieve big goals, your mind has to see it and your body has to feel it.

Reimagine your career possibilities. Now that you’re clear on your skills, abilities and dreams, we’ll focus on “what might be.” Go beyond the left brain tactical process and feel into the right brain of possibility. You’ll take the practical efforts of the first session and begin to imagine what the career that aligns with your true nature really looks like. Feel your creative side emerge and enter a world where anything is possible. 

You will have:  One or two career tracks that make you smile.


Overcome limiting beliefs and go forward with momentum. 

Time to change the game. People who go from dreaming straight to implementation will often struggle and feel discouraged. Because they are missing this very important step… anticipation and removal of possible obstacles. We’ll imagine the biggest challenges standing in your way and clear them out of your path to success. Blockers like money, self-doubt, fear of change, push-back from family and friends, not enough resources, not enough time… gone!  like giving notice, asking for part-time or having that tough conversation with your partner about your career change. We’ll burn down whatever is blocking your path to reconnecting your career with your true nature and going after what you really want. 

You will have: A clear sightline to transform a dream into reality.


Taking action is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

Build and expand on what matters to you most. There is a time for rest and a time for action. You’ve gone inside and you feel it. The forming. The tingle of new. The desire to act. The difference is your fear is minimal and your clarity is palpable. You believe. You will have a next-step strategy to changing companies, careers or building something of your own. We will create those next step action plans. You will know how to get started . . . . the most important action to creating a career aligned with your true nature and living inspired life. Get answers about practical job search and career direction questions. In your new career template, you’ll go from dream to reality.

You will have: A practical, doable and achievable strategic career plan.


We are not done! Another exciting part of signing up for True Nature is that you get a FREE bonus of your choosing. No need to decide today – choose your free bonus any time during True Nature. 


When You’re Ready, You Decide:

  • Add an extra 60-minute follow-up session to True Nature. 
  • Take the Passion Test with Laurie, Certified Passion Test Faciliator
  • Are you ready to begin a job search? Get the Take Charge Digital Course. Find dozens of job search tips, templates and recruiting secrets for women in tech-related careers.

Your Total Investment is $1297

Couldn’t I just . . .

Coast and see how it goes?

Sure, but every day you don’t feel aligned with your career is a missed opportunity. 

Read books or watch YouTube videos on finding my career purpose?

Absolutely. There are tons of good resources (we’ve read or seen most of them!). But they can’t personally guide you toward your career destination.

Ask my best friend to keep me accountable for pursuing my dream?

We’re all about accountability buddies. If that’s the road you take, we support you 100%. Charting your career path that is connected to your true nature is easier with Laurie Swanson by your side.

Interested in moving forward but still have a couple of questions?

No problem. Schedule a 30-minute call with Laurie.

Tamara’s Story

Jane's Story

Tamara led a team of professional implementation consultants at the Associate Partner level for a small consulting firm. Then her vertical was impacted and she was laid off.

Tamara faced a swirl of emotions from, not only being let go, but also having to lay off her team. We explored what-if reactions from her team and how she could best support them and herself through the change. 

Then we talked about what the future could look like! Tamara surprised herself. Once she had some space, she realized that, though she liked her last role, she did not love it. This is when the fun began! Tamara reimagined her life, how to position herself, what she loved about her previous career and what she was ready to let go of in order to create a life and career she loves. 

Given that she was the primary breadwinner with two children, Your Future Now gave Tamara traction! We outlined her top strategic career moves and put together a list of possible target companies. The results? She became a Senior Director at a top tier consulting firm. Sacrificing title made sense, gave her the security she wanted and she still had a path to becoming partner.