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Women’s Role In Men’s Allyship

September 24, 2019
Your pipes are leaking!Of course, I am talking about your leaky pipeline for recruiting and retaining women in tech.And these...

3 Things Men Can Do to be Allies for Women in the Workplace

August 17, 2019
Hello! Imagine a woman in tech who, every day, must armor up because the workplace culture does not embrace her....

3 Ways to Build Male “Allyship”

July 17, 2019
  Ahoy! Have you ever seen a boat that is listing, leaning way over to one side and essentially not...

People-First Hiring-Job Descriptions That Attract

June 19, 2019
This month is all about the online job posting that you create from your internal job descriptions. Job postings are often...

What is Unconscious Bias & What Can You Do About It?

May 15, 2019
  Happy May! May we talk about bias? I recently led a workshop on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) based off the...

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter For Your Business

April 17, 2019
    Welcome to BELONG. We’re here to give you ideas and insights into creating a culture of inclusion and belongingness at...


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