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Women, Remote Work and Bias

June 17, 2020
Lots has changed since we put together our topic list for this month’s Belong Newsletter. That real, positive change might come...
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Making Inclusion Real In A Virtual World

May 20, 2020
  Hello fellow homebodies- These really are unprecedented times that are calling all of us to be creative problem-solvers, give...
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Taking Belonging Virtual

April 15, 2020
The Paradox: How to build inclusion AND shelter at home? It can seem like an almost insurmountable challenge to make...
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Who Do You Say You Are?

March 22, 2020
I recently was asked to speak on a panel at Accenture for their Women in Innovation group about Access. In...
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The Future is Closer Than You Think

February 19, 2020
No one has a crystal ball. I am not even sure if being able to see into and predict the...
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What’s Happening In 2073?

January 19, 2020
  We’ve been writing a lot about inclusion: what it is and what it isn’t, how to create inclusion and why it’s...
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Getting To Inclusion From The Top Down

December 15, 2019
      Happy Holidays! Change somehow feels easier as we move into a New Year. I am not sure...
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Cultural Competence: Unlocking The Key To Inclusion

November 20, 2019
    November. The month that reminds us to be grateful. Be grateful if your company has improved the numbers...
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The Not So Small “Small Stuff”

October 18, 2019
  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Great advice when worrying about things that are beyond your control or minor mistakes...
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Part 3: Women’s Role In Men’s Allyship

September 24, 2019
Your pipes are leaking!Of course, I am talking about your leaky pipeline for recruiting and retaining women in tech.  And...
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Part 2: 3 Things Men Can Do to be Allies for Women in the Workplace

August 17, 2019
Hello! Imagine a woman in tech who, every day, must armor up because the workplace culture does not embrace her....
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Part 1: 3 Ways to Build Male “Allyship”

July 17, 2019
  Ahoy! Have you ever seen a boat that is listing, leaning way over to one side and essentially not...


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