“Our unity is our strength and
diversity is our power.”

Kamala Harris, first woman and woman of color elected as
Vice President of the United States


Umm, guess what? We have a woman Vice President. She’s also the first Black woman and first Asian woman in that office. While my words sound like a whisper, they pulsate through me like a roar.

It’s one of those “pinch me” moments Olympians must feel as they approach the stage to receive their medal or astronauts when they see the Earth from afar.

Awestruck. Wondrous. Hopeful.

What does this precedent mean for Women in Tech? Barriers are being dismantled, that’s for sure. History is rewriting rules, making workplace inclusion and equity a greater reality. It feels like anything is possible for women in general, but especially for women in the male-dominated field of tech.

Here’s the thing: as an HR leader or IT hiring manager, your simple actions can break down barriers for Women in Tech too. Here’s a brief story . . .

When I was doing recruitment consulting for Lyons Consulting, we had a company newsletter. That newsletter featured the Lyon of the Month:  new hires, big wins and made all of us feel connected and appreciated – even as we doubled in size year over year. Small gestures like recognizing people go a long way (especially during times of growth when disconnection can creep in).

I know a woman at a large media company who loves Peloton. She invites others in the company who also love Peloton to join her on rides or remarks on a particular instructor she loves. Another executive I know runs small contests with her team and then video tapes her daughter drawing the winners name out of a hat. People connect to a fitness passion or an executive including her daughter in a work activity. Connection = Inclusion.

So feel free to share this new InspiHER Tech program in your newsletter: Rejuvenation: A 6-Week Mini-Adventure. Over one lunch hour a week, we’ll rejuvenate through six practices: nourishment, quiet, movement, mission, power, wholeness.

You don’t have to be a big corporate employer to build an inclusive culture. You just to have to believe: anything is possible.

We all belong!

CEO | Founder of InspiHER Tech, a Laso Company

Our why: #HireMoreWomenInTech


Today is your dayPin these dates and recognize the smart, creative, hardworking Women in Tech on your team:

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science is Feb. 11.  It  supports the access of women and girls and their participation in science, technology, engineering. DO: Schedule a group AirBnB experience with world-class athletes like javelin thrower Liz Gleadle.
  • Employee Appreciation Day is March 1. OK, so this one goes beyond Women in Tech, and that’s OK! It just means a bigger cake or a shout out to all your great team members. DO: Send a handwritten note of thanks with a coffee gift card.
  • Women’s History Month in March celebrates the significant contributions women have made throughout history. DO: Organize a creative session where Women in Tech write an empowering vision statement. Then, discuss Women in Tech like Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Sally Ride.

What do Women in Tech care aboutIn The Unstoppable Series, a monthly conversation we host for the InspiHER Tech (“IT”) Community, we explored what wealth means to Women in Tech. Here’s what they said:


Air TimeGartner produced an interesting podcast entitled “How 2020 Accelerated Conversations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” Big takeaway: DEI leaders who were rallying for change before now are getting tons of requests. Sign of the times? We hope!

You are a difference-maker in your organization.
Who you hire, how you hire, and the culture
of inclusion and equity you create become a

salve to the world’s wounds and InspiHER’s joy. 




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