Are You Willing to be UNCOMFORTABLE or INCONVENIENCED to Have Your Career Dream?

I’ve been putting off rejoining the health club because…

  • It’s WAY on the other side of town. Exactly 2.5 miles or 8 minutes away. I mean really!
  • Sometimes a train goes through and causes me to be late to my class.
  • The health club costs money! Walking outside… nothing.
  • The last time I was a member I didn’t go much. Am I committed?

I have all the excuses.

Then I asked myself, “Self, are you willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable both with time and money, in order to get the results you want (build strength and shed pounds)?”

What would change regarding your career dream if you were willing to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced?

This question had me wondering.

If I were to accept the fact that rejoining the health club would be uncomfortable and inconvenient at times what would change?

I instantly felt like the last of my obstacles to rejoining fell away.

I was willing to pay the extra money to get more variety of workouts and build a community of support. Plus have experts to guide and support my journey.

I was willing to leave a bit earlier and go over the bridge to avoid the train. Inconvenient maybe but so what.

By accepting the possibility of being uncomfortable and inconvenienced I was ready to rejoin the health club and actually improve the possibility of getting the

results I want. What I had been doing was not moving the needle. Rejoining the health club would.

Career Wisdom Worth Repeating: By being willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable the chances of getting the career results you want are significantly higher than if you continue to do what you’re doing, getting the results you’ve been getting by staying in your comfort zone.

If you have been thinking about a career change then I can bet you have similar concerns when it comes to hiring a coach.

  • What about the money?
  • What about the time?
  • Will I get the results I hope for?

The truth: Going after a career dream can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. It requires commitment to your dream which can often be uncomfortable and inconvenient. You might have to use money from your savings account or put money on your credit card to hire a coach. You will need to be open to hearing the hard truths from your coach.  You will have to challenge some long-held beliefs that no longer serve you but feel like they are just what is. You might be asked to go to networking events, say no to friends so you can get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed and ready to move your career dream forward.

The Question: Are you willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable in the pursuit of your career dreams knowing that when you say YES to your career dream you are also saying YES to being uncomfortable and inconvenienced?

Can I get a HELL YES!

If your answer is HELL YES, then the Career Reset Group Program is where you want to be. In Career Reset we embrace being uncomfortable and inconvenienced in order to have our career dreams. We do it with other courageous women who are saying yes to being uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

Because living your career dream is that important!

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