A Simple 3-Step Process to Cure Decision Fatigue 4-Ever!

I just got done staring at my computer screen for almost 10 minutes.

Just staring.

I was trying to decide if I should renew a contract at the $50 level or the $180 level.

I was staring at a chart of features that each option offered. This meant I had to make several decisions on the value of each feature for the $180 option over the $50 option.

  • Was it worth the price difference?
  • How likely was I to take advantage of the additional features?
  • Should I get my husband involved in this decision and add to his decision fatigue as well.

When I woke up out of my decision fatigue stupor, I had made no decision at all. I felt more confused and overwhelmed than ever.

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

It seems like everywhere we turn we are asked to make decisions. Some urgent and important, and others less so. Yet, to our brains and our bodies, a decision is a decision is a decision.

Each decision takes its toll.

The best way to simplify and automate decisions is to have a method you follow every time you are faced with a challenging decision.

And that is having a Decision Making Method!

What is the 3-Step Decision Making Method?

The Decision Making Method is both a process AND a FREE Masterclass!

On January 9th, I will teach you my 3-step Decision Making Method so you can stop:

  • second guessing yourself
  • making reckless or impulsive decisions
  • procrastinating
  • overthinking
  • avoiding

When you have a Decision Making Method you will be:

  • A more effective leader
  • A more effective communicator
  • More calm
  • More confident
  • Less stressed and overwhelmed

The Decision Making Method is a process that includes what you probably already do when faced with a challenging decision – gathering info and weighing pros and cons.

But it is not just that. When you implement the Decision Making Method you also make decisions that are connected to your values and to your intuition-the secret sauce to peaceful decision making.

The Decision Making Method ensures that you feel good about whatever decision you land on.

If feeling less fatigued in 2024 sounds almost as good as skiing the slopes or walking the beach, then join me on January 9th. There will be a limited replay sent out for those who register.

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A Simple 3-Step Process to Cure Career Decision Fatigue 4-Ever!