My coaching client’s job wasn’t in jeopardy, but after the second round of layoffs something sparked inside of her.

She actually had the thought that she wished she had been laid off. She knew this was a clear sign that, though she did not hate her job, it might be time to find something new and different.

The problem was that she was not sure exactly what she wanted to do next.

She wondered if she should:

  • Stay in the same company but in a different role. There were some upsides to that.
  • Stay in her same role but change companies. There were upsides to this as well.
  • Do something totally different like start her own company. That sounded fun!
  • Move back into an individual contributor and let go of the headaches that came with managing people and attending lots of meetings. That sounded like bliss.
She kept weighing the pros and cons with no clear answer. She was spinning in career confusion.

I told her what I am telling you:

When you say, “maybe I will do this” or “maybe I would be better off doing that”. When you think, “I could never have that career” or when you say, “I’ll get to that someday”

Your confusion confuses the Universe.

Do you want it now or later? Do you want this career or that one? Do you believe that you can actually have the career of your dreams, or do you have doubts?

The Universe is patiently waiting for you to get clear, so it can get busy helping you create what you want.

The Universe has all the tools, connections, ideas, support and belief you need.

Once you can clearly state what your career dream is and the type of support you would like from the Universe WATCH OUT! The Universe will leap into action.

The Universe begins to smooth the way, accelerate your progress, open doors and make connections for you. Exactly what the Universe loves to do. It is only waiting on you to get out of confusion.

That is when the magic happens.

When you get clear on where you want to go, you open yourself up to the vast support of the Universe and what could be better than that!

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How to Stop Confusing the Universe and Get What You Really Want