A job search has a lot of moving parts. I do not need to remind everyone of that.

There are lots of things we are told we need to do in order to have a successful search.

Just google “How To Do A Job Search” and you will return pages of great advice and how-to videos. You might even see something about our Get InspiHER’d Job Search Masterclass. (doors are open-details here).

Knowing the best job search practices will save you time and reduce your stress.

Things like ideas on the best resume format, how to tell your career story concisely, what you can negotiate for and how to give notice without burning bridges.

Yet there is one key step that is often missed in a job search that can make all the difference.

Drum roll please…


How is it that as soon as we make a decision to change jobs this is exactly the time the sh*t hits the fan?

People start telling us why changing jobs is not a great idea. Hello second guessing.

The water heater needs to be replaced. To-do’s taking priority over career joy…again.

We get a promotion. How did they know you were planning to leave? I guess I should stay.

It is the way it is. Cultural expectations and life’s curveballs are not going anywhere.

Our job is to keep recommitting, every day, to our bigger dream of having a career that is aligned with our True Nature. A career we love. A career that makes a difference for others…and ourselves.

It is possible. All that is required is to recommit to doing what you know you need to do to have what you yearn for in your career.

Got off track yesterday and did not work on your resume. No blaming here. Just recommit.

Your fear voice got into your head and started telling you that change is hard. Why put yourself through a job search? You tell the voice to shut itself and recommit.

Watching The Incredible Mrs. Maisel seemed way more fun then watching Get InspiHER’d Masterclass videos (I hear ya!). That’s ok. Streaming services are not going anywhere. Time to get back to your job search.  Recommit.

The sooner you recommit the better. You are on a mission and by recommitting quickly you are telling both external and internal naysayers to back off. Sh*t can’t exist in the face of a true commitment.