Get InspiHER’d Job Master Class

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Learn the secrets, tools and techniques for job search results in just 4 weeks – with live group support

Thursdays from 11:30 am-12:30 pm CT

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Invest in your success with a targeted job search, tap into your spiritual center, and leave the stress and worry of finding a job that’s right for you in the rearview mirror. 

  • Use your resume, interview skills, LinkedIn, and more to set yourself apart
  • Attract potential employers with confidence and intention
  • Enjoy your job search (really) with less frustration and more fun
  • Create traction with more job leads, interviews and salary potential 

Get InspiHER’d is a job search masterclass for women in tech-related careers ready for change

Get InspiHER’d is a 4-week Masterclass PLUS it accelerates the Take Charge Digital Course (including 9 on-demand job search modules plus bonus videos you can go back to again and again!). In just 4 weeks, get the strategy, techniques and tools of finding a job as you cover the Take Charge course in a guided approach with expert career coach Laurie Swanson

Maybe you’re thinking . . . 

I’ve sent my resume and cover letter out with no results. Finding a job has changed since I started out. I just need a little extra guidance to put the basics into action.

That’s exactly why we created Get InspiHER’d. 

My favorite thing about Laurie is that she really cares about the people she works with – and it shows! She’s also passionate about connecting women in leadership and technology and helping them grow.

What is Get InspiHER’d?

Get InspiHER’s is a hands-on companion to the only downloadable, on-demand Take Charge Digital Course for women in tech-related careers. (Learn more about Take Charge Digital Course.) The course has 9 modules covering tools, tips and advice for a successful job search, all in one place. 

Each week for 4 weeks, you’ll have a one-hour virtual, live session with the guided expertise, support and accountability of Laurie Swanson, a career coach, plus a crew of other women working with technology inspiring you along the way.

In between sessions, results follow action! Learn how to:

  • Take actionable steps from the Take Charge digital course
  • Connect with future employers using the right job search tools
  • Get clear on organizing and planning your job search faster
  • Know your value and self-worth
  • Get prepared for all types of interviews: initial, tech, video, group and HR
  • And . . . know what to say so you negotiate up with confidence

The payoff is huge: in just 4 weeks, you’ll get inspiHER’d and take charge of your job search like a pro. Each week, get your questions answered and set an intention. In between each session, watch a series of short videos from the Take Charge Digital Course.

A job search can be overwhelming when you’re not sure of your next move – but Get InspiHER’d keeps you focused and quickly moving forward.

Plus, you’ll get 3 Unstoppable Bonuses: Tech Interview Bonus, Mindset Session Bonus, and a Cover Letter Bonus. 

AND…it doesn’t end when our 4 weeks are over:  You will have access to the Take Charge Digital Course for 3 months from your first class. Go back and review all the great info at your own pace.

AND...if you decide you want 3 more months, we got you. Just email us and we will extend your access for a low additional investment. 

It’s hard to feel fulfilled when you feel stuck. We get you . . .

Feeling stuck holds us back. Sometimes, it’s not knowing what to do next. Sometimes, it’s simply missing what makes us extraordinary. In fact, not knowing our worth is what gets us deep in the mud in the first place.

Feeling like we’re not enough.

Wondering why we don’t get the glamour projects.

Hoping our salary will go up on the next annual review.

Thinking we don’t bring as much value to the table as other people.

Being labeled by the tech we use rather than the value we contribute.

Your Total Investment is $697

Hello to Y-E-S. Time to move forward. Time to Get InspiHER’d and Take Charge. 

Things are only going to change if you change them first.  Stand out among hundreds of other candidates. Know and market the value you bring to the table. This is the key to getting the job title, salary, work culture and perks for the lifestyle you want.

Get InspiHER’d gets you over the finish line. I’ve helped 10,000+ job seekers and career changers achieve success with support, accountability and my 20+ years’ experience. Plus, I know the difference-maker for anyone looking for a job: your #1 superpower is your spiritual center. It’s what we call your True Nature.

Connecting your True Nature to your career is why people I’ve coached have gotten a new job they are excited about, negotiated up, created side hustles they’ve always dreamed of, transitioned into new careers faster, and have a new profound sense of self that is, in a word, unstoppable.

This has been a long haul but I’ve so appreciated your services and support! Without a doubt couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, Laurie!  

                   –  M. O.  Coaching Client


What’s included in the Get InspiHER’d?




In Session 1, you’ll be introduced to the program, meet your fellow tech mates and set first your intention. This is the first step of your “inner work” so your job search is on course spiritually and strategically. All sessions are virtual. (No worries – you’ll receive your weekly recording to rewatch or if you miss a session!).

Your action steps: watch modules 1-3.




Here, we cover the first three modules of the Take Charge Digital Course. The focus? Getting you ready to go to market. While this is part tactical, it is also part trust and faith in yourself and the process. We’ll explore:

→ Video #1: Market Yourself: resume/pro tips/personal branding

→ Video #2: Market Yourself: 7 short LinkedIn videos, including pro tips and personal branding

→ Video #3: Activate Your Job Search

Your action steps: watch modules 4-6 




As you move through your job search, your future career becomes real and attainable. Dare we say that a job search can be fun? Planning and taking action is how you spiritually approach a successful search. Here, we cover the second three modules of the Take Charge Digital Course. We’ll explore:

Video #4: Take Action: how recruiters really use LinkedIn, job boards and ATS, cover letters, plus pro tips

Video #5: Building Community: the why, where, what and how of ensuring job search success

Video #6: Take Charge Game-Changer Tool: the difference between focused job searches and random acts of outreach

Your action steps: watch modules 7-9 




Set benchmarks, gather feedback and move your job search forward – so you can breathe, rest, enjoy and feel confident. By the end of Session 4, you’ll have the right tools to search for a job where you feel the culture, salary and career fulfillment is a good match for you.

→ Video #7: Agile Interviewing: includes interview readiness, the Qs have it, your Qs, types of interviews, plus pro tips 

→ Video #8: Negotiation: learn about the 5% factor, mindset, getting prepared and building your “ask” muscle

→ Video #9: Handshake to Handshake: Take charge of your endings and beginnings.

Your Total Investment is $697

Couldn’t I just . . . Coast and see how it goes?

Sure, but every day lost to being in a career you are not aligned with is a day you’ll never get back. We’re going to show you the straight line to job search results.

Read books or watch YouTube videos on finding a job?

Absolutely. There are lots of good resources (we’ve read and seen most of them!). But one book, video or podcast can’t personally guide you toward success. 

Get InspiHER’d accelerates your job search and differentiates you from others – so you get the job you really want.

Ask my best friend to keep me accountable?

We’re all about running buddies, goal buddies, writing buddies and accountability buddies. If you choose that path, we support you 100%.

Here’s the thing, wouldn’t it be great to have a targeted plan, solid job search tools and accountability – plus advice from the #1 job search strategist for women in tech-related careers?

Ready to move forward? 

No more second-guessing. 

No need to go it alone.

Sign up today for Get InspiHER’d!