I was recently talking with a friend (more like bemoaning) about my career situation.

Maybe you can relate.

I was telling her that I was feeling sad and frustrated that my big dream of having a flourishing coaching business, a best-selling novel and thriving speaking practice were taking way longer than I thought.

I spoke about other very successful coaches who are crushing it in audience reach, money earnings and impact.

And I wondered what I was doing wrong? Why were things not fully clicking on all cylinders yet? Had I made a mistake in my choices along the way?

Yep. Second-guessing.

Mic 🎤 Drop Career Conversation

What happened next changed everything.

She said,  “Oh, I can totally understand what you’re saying.  I feel the same way when I look at you and the blog you put out every week.  I think about the difference that you’re making, and I wonder if I will ever do something similar with my writing or if I am meant to be behind the scenes. “

I was floored to say the least.  That she would be comparing where she’s at in her career to where I’m at was simply crazy.

I know her.  I know her journey.  This is a woman who courageously went through cancer and thrived. This is a woman who has spent her life committed to personal and spiritual growth – exploring, reading, and then dissecting her own thoughts and behaviors with an intention to improve herself.  This is a woman who has a husband that she loves, is in a home she adores, who has a vast circle of friends, who cares for her family in ways that amaze me and is always having fun and different experiences in all kinds of cool places.

That she should compare and then feel any level of despair about where she is at was ludicrous!

And that’s when I remembered some spiritual wisdom. 

Where I’m at is exactly where I meant to be.

How do I know?

Because that’s where I am.

And this is also true for you. 

Leaving Behind Compare and Despair 

If you find yourself believing the thought that you should have negotiated more money, or made a different career choice, or are looking around yourself and thinking others are smarter, more connected, more confident, or just better at things than you are then you have stepped onto the path of career comparing and despairing.

No More Second Guessing!

Once you recognize that you are despairing because you are comparing your career to someone else’s put up the stop sign🛑.

It is time to rewire your thoughts and step onto the path of my experiences, my past choices, and my current career has uniquely positioned me for what’s next.”

From here you can learn from past decisions without shame. You can figure out what you need to learn, who you need to call or what other steps you might take given where your past has led you to in this perfect moment.

You have a dream. Go for it. Do what feels right for you. Not out of comparison or because someone (or society) says you should.  Not out of despair about what you think you should have done. Go forth from a place of knowing that:

You are where you are meant to be in your career. How do you know? Because this is where you are. 

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Career Compare and Despair