This Friday a bunch of my girlfriends and I are getting together to play online Scattergories.I can hardly express how excited I am.

I had not realized that having something on my calendar that’s fun and includes others would bring up such good feelings.

Now is Good but Later Ain’t Bad Either

Being in the NOW has become a touted  practice.

And I have found great benefit in being present, not regretting the past or fretting the future

Yet, as a kid not being able to go to sleep because of the excitement of Christmas the next day brings back great memories. I can feel that same excitement in my body right now when I think about it.

Do you have something fun planned in the next month?

Something that feels like “the Night Before Christmas” anticipation energy?

No! Then take 5 minutes and send this text to your BFF’s:

“I miss you! Let’s do something fun. Who’s up for online Scattergories?”

Press send.

Can’t you already feel the Anticipation Energy?



Dogs excitement in anticipation of going to the dog park