Rejuvenation: A Mini-Adventure


A 4-week Mini-Adventure

Reconnect with your body
Tune in to what really matters
Have more fun in 2021

Does this resonate with you? I know it does with me. 

I am ready to let go of 2020 and my extra “Pandemic Pounds” so I can continue to create the InspiHERed Career + Life I love. I spoke to my friends and clients and they are feeling what I am feeling. A pull towards healthier choices, more of all good things in 2021 and a desire to not go-it-alone. 

I had to create this program. 

Not just for you but, selfishly, for me. 

I needed this like nothing I have needed in a long time. And I knew others needed it too. If you don’t know me, I am Laurie Swanson, CEO of InspiHER Tech. Life and Career Coach. I have helped 100’s (maybe 1000’s) of women to create Careers + Lives they love. 

I invite you to join Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure where we will rejuvenate with the best kinds of nourishment, movement and joy – and do it with other career women just like you, creating Careers + Lives they love. 

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Starting Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at Noon CST

Only $147


Learn to reconnect with your body (again), tune in to what really matters (ahhh) and have more fun (Yes!) in 2021. Doesn’t living an InspiHERed Career + Life sound pretty good right now?

The Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure includes:

Weekly Calls, Journaling Prompts, Commitments that feel right for you, Group Support and Accountability as needed, Private Facebook Page.

Plus: Recordings if you miss so you never miss out!

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 pm CST for 60 minutes

Just $147

The Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure is not about eating plans or weight loss . . . but you might lose weight.

It’s not a detox program . . . yet you might find yourself making cleaner choices.

It’s not an exercise regime . . . yet you might find yourself moving more.

It’s not a spiritual practice . . . yet you might find you are making a more meaningful connection to the universe, your inner spirit and purpose.

It’s not a leadership course . . . yet you might find yourself more confident, more poised for success.

It’s not a time management workshop . . . yet you might find yourself getting more done, leaving more time to do the things you love.

Who is Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure tailor-made for?

  • Career Women who get $h*t done and feel tired of so much doing
  • Women who feel they are “going through the motions”
  • Women who are disconnected from their intuition
  • Women who are searching for greater clarity
  • Women who are over-exing: overeating, overusing, overindulging
  • Women who need a nudge and love the idea of community
  • Women who have a spot of willingness to strike a new path
  • Women who ready to tell the truth because they know it will set them free

Why the Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure?

The root of Rejuvenate comes from the Latin juvenis, which means the action or process of giving new energy and vigor to something.

In this case your health.

And having a fun Adventure with others while making positive changes for your health and your life sounds like exactly what is needed right now.

With the Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure, you will once again feel connected to your Career + Life with vibrancy and renewed excitement.

What Are People Saying?

Today’s Rejuvenation was soooo cool. I took notes and just loved the learning together…

I just loved the unpacking of a very specific problem and solution.

Here are all the details for what you can expect when you sign up for

Rejuvenation: A 4-week Mini-Adventure:

You get: Weekly Calls, Journaling Prompts, Commitments that feel right for you, Group Support and Accountability as needed, a Private Facebook Page

Plus: Recordings if you miss so you never miss out!

“Losing five pounds is a lost cause.”

On Monday, you count calories. By Friday, you convince yourself you deserve a pizza. The whole pizza. Been there, done that! Extremes hurt us more than calories. What does nourishing your body really mean? Eating to feel satisfied, drinking plenty of water, nourishing your mind with books and music, and so much more. Catch a glimmer of wholeness. Starting today, discipline isn’t a dirty word.

“Life is running faster than I am.”

11 million+ pieces of data hit us every minute, but we can only process 40 pieces of data consciously at a time. Hmmmm. Let’s allow our subconscious to drive the conversation, shall we? Learn how to be still with your problem and create a quiet practice. Embrace “the pause” and lighten the heavy burden of chaos.

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

You have the power, sister. Just flip the physical and mindset switch. Power is about movement, overcoming resistance, flexibility, practice and right thinking. It’s not just doing something, but doing it from your core center. Your speech is powerful. Your presence is powerful. Your creativity is powerful. Don’t give your power away, share it and set the world on fire with its brilliance.

“Is getting through the day my highest purpose?”

Life is a bit like triage, so you may not feel in balance 24/7. When you feel whole, there’s peace at your very center. First, though, you must create space and get clear on your Soul’s Mission. Look at what really matters and then make plans. Wholeness is what we will take forward into our future.

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Every Wednesday for 4 weeks, starting April 7, 2021