You can’t avoid ageism.

Like racism, sexism, weight-ism, ableism … ageism is real.

Sadly, we live in a society that focuses on how we look.

As someone who has been overweight for most of her life, (and now is sprouting wisdom wrinkles) I know how it feels to have people assume you are lazy or not smart or unworthy of being offered the roles, the money and/or the opportunities that others who look the part are being offered.

I spent time, tears and money to now proudly stand in my own value and worth without having to gain approval or prove myself to others.

Ageism, also called lookism, means that when we start out in our careers we can be seen as not having enough years of experience to make an intelligent contribution and then, at some point, our years of experience are seen as proof that we can’t learn new things or are unable to offer new, fresh ideas.

According to this Harvard Business Review article from June 2023, the research is clear:

Any age can be viewed as “the wrong age” for a woman, allowing her capacity to be questioned and her fitness for leadership challenged.

Even though we know that having diverse perspectives creates a stronger organization and when we don’t have diversity of perspective, we have lower job satisfaction and employee engagement that does seem to change the bias.

As I write these words, I can feel hopelessness arise in my chest.

And I know that this is not a productive or helpful place to stay.

  • Have you felt dismissed because of your age, your experience, your looks?
  • Have you judged others as a defense response to the pain you havefelt as one who has been judged?
  • Do you want to end all the “isms” but feel helpless and resigned?

Enough of that!

What if you no longer let other people’s opinions hold you back?

What if you proudly stand in your own value and worth without having to gain approval or prove yourself to others?

What if you could:

Become the Subject of your Career NOT the Object of Someone Else’s

And what if the way to having a positive impact on ageism was through being creative?

When you get creative you stop focusing on what others are thinking and you are simply in the flow. You are focusing on you.

Your gifts. Your passions. Your abilities. What’s in your control.

I created Using Creativity to Solve a Career Dilemma to help us tap into the creative side of our brains where our inner wisdom lies. Where we solve our career problems, big and small, in a way that leaves us feeling empowered and centered on ourselves not some external construct that has never served us.

Using Creativity to Solve a Career Dilemma is a $24, self-directed workshop spread over 14 days that kicks off on Tuesday December 5th. I will host 3 live calls during the 14 days, and in between you will be tapping into your creative brain to solve your career dilemma (I will show you how in our first call on Dec 5th).

You will have fun, solve your career dilemma and reconnect with your ageless and timeless self where chronological age does not exist. Get details here!

How to Combat Career Ageism