Have you ever decided you wanted to lose weight?

You set up your weight loss plan.

You buy all the healthy food.

You get new workout clothes and join the local gym.

You start off like gangbusters and then, at some point, you notice that you are back doing the things you used to do. Your bad habits have returned.

You are losing the ground you gained with your new plan.

You lost your enthusiasm to lose weight.

The same thing happens when you have a career dream.

You create the vision board.

You buy the books.

You talk to folks about wanting something different from your career.

You begin to make the changes to move closer to your career dream and then … 6 months later… same job, same company, same career path, same salary.


The dictionary defines dissonance as being out of harmony.

Career Dissonance can present itself in many forms.

One of those forms is when you state your career dream, you write out all the action steps to achieve your career dream and then find you are no longer (if you ever started!) taking the actions required to make your career dream a reality.

You are in career dissonance.

How do you solve your Career Dissonance?

It’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward solution.

You have to change something.

You can change your career dream,  or you can change one of your action steps, or you can change the support you have in place to reach your career dream.

Changing one thing changes everything.

From career dissonance to a career that resonates with your soul!

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