You are capable.

You are needed.

You are a success.

You are a happy recipient of exactly what you need right now.

You know what to do and how to do it.

You are prosperous.

You are confident.

You make the best decisions for yourself.

You are loved.

You are perfectly positioned exactly as you are today.

You are a breath of fresh air.

You are a history-maker.

You are sought after in all the best ways.

You are unafraid.

You are fully supported.

You rest when it’s time to rest.

You act when it’s time to act.

You play when it’s time to play.

You have more than enough.

You are enough.

You let go of worry, guilt, and self-doubt.

You change thoughts that make you feel bad.

You are guided by your inner wisdom.

You embrace your life and opportunities with open arms.

You are joyful.

You follow the fun.

You trust life unconditionally.

You spread love in all its forms!

You are the creator of your desired career.

You are the bomb 💣!

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The  Career Truth Bombs 💣💣💣 About You