One of my favorite coaching questions to ask a coaching client is one I learned from Martha Beck.  “What sucks the most for you right now?”

This question often gets to the heart of what’s really going on. No B.S. No dancing around the issue. No sugar-coating.

Your response to this question is your career dilemma.

  • It could be you are procrastinating on asking for a raise.
  • Maybe you are tired of staying quiet at work but afraid of what will happen if you speak your truth.
  • Your boss is encroaching on your personal time, but you struggle with setting boundaries.
  • You used to feel confident but now … not so much.
  • Perhaps you are trying to grow your business but avoiding social media.
  • You know you want to change jobs/careers but have done very little about it.
  • You cannot figure out a way to create more time in the day to pursue something new.

When you think about what sucks the most right now and then get quiet and listen to your inner voice you know it is speaking the truth.

Now What? 

It feels good to know what the real career dilemma is, in fact, you may have known for a while.

But knowing what our dilemma is and what to do about it is another matter.

Or maybe you have thoughts on what to do but have done nothing and your inaction is bothering you.

This is the time to call on your creative self. 

Creativity is great because it takes the strength of our rational mind – the ability to recall, deduce and make connections – and accesses our curiosity and sense of fun allowing something unexpected to emerge.

It brings us solutions to our career dilemmas that we may have never considered in quite the same way before.

Plus, because of the fun factor of creativity, we are less likely to avoid taking action!

What’s Next? 

The whole reason I am talking so much about creativity is that I was stuck in a career dilemma of my own. I had been wrestling with it for many months and was not making progress.

That is when I decided I had to approach things differently. I decided to use my creativity to help solve my dilemma. I came up with a process and was amazed!

The process was so powerful, and so simple, that I knew I had to share it with the world … starting with you!

If you want to hear about my dilemma and the creative expression I used that kicked off this whole experience then join Using Creativity to Solve a Career Dilemma. 

The first of 4 Zoom calls is this Thursday, June 29th. 

If you can’t make a call, you will get a recording and, because most of what happens in  “Using Creativity to Solve a Career Dilemma”, is on your own schedule or of your own choosing you will always be right on time!

Here are the details to join! 

Let’s make 2023 the summer we change how we solve all our future dilemmas.

No more worry, procrastination, or angst.

Instead, it is fun, laughter and surprises!

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