I’ve been thinking about re-joining my gym.

I am a walker. I love being outside. I love walking in nature, but I also know that strength training and flexibility are important to a good health routine.

And the fact is that I could join the gym right now, but I don’t wanna.

I say it sort of tongue-in-cheek, but it feels like that a little bit.

I could do it, so why am I not doing it?

I don’t feel like I’m just resisting working out. I like working out. I like the health club. I like the options that are available to me like classes, personal trainers, swimming, tennis, etc.

Then I had a conversation with a coaching client and we were talking about joining my Career Reset program.

As we talked through the program, she was super excited about it. She totally saw the value and it wasn’t money that was getting in the way of her signing up.

It was time. She had decided Career Reset was going to add to her to-do list (even though she would be able to listen to all the recordings on her schedule if she could not attend live). She knew that this was not like joining a boot camp where she would be doing lots of homework in-between sessions.

I deliberately designed Career Reset to NOT add to a women’s workload. We work during the session. The work between each session would never be more than 15-30 minutes in less you wanted to keep working on the concept. 

She knew that Career Reset offered real game-changing support and ideas for her given where she was at in her career and what she was looking to do next, a career pivot into something adjacent to what she was doing now.

Plus there were some signals at her work saying that layoffs could be coming and she wanted to get ahead of that.


She saw the need to join.

She was willing to invest in herself through the program. So it wasn’t the money.

She saw the value. She knew it was going to help her gain the clarity she needed to not go from the frying pan to the fire.

And she knew she could carve out the time if she really wanted to do it. 

So why was she letting herself believe that she did not have the time … her form of I don’t wanna?

We kept digging we discovered that what was really going on was she was doubting herself and her ability to actually make a career change that would bring her the salary she wanted doing what she loved.

That seemed like too big of a dream.

Joining Career Reset was triggering doubt in her dream. Fear of the unknown. Thoughts that it would be hard. She would not be able to figure it all out. No one was going to want to hire her for her dream role anyhow.

Why bother?

Great question.

Why bother? Oh, because you want to have more fun. Because you have gifts, abilities and skills that you have honed all these years that you want to use in a different way. You have things you are good at but NO LONGER want to keep doing because they just don’t do it for you anymore.

My Why Bother response when thinking about joining the health club is that I love how I feel when I lift weights. My mom does a swimming class and I could spend time with her there. My husband does a yoga class and I could do that with him. I have friends there that I would see more often. Plus, hip hop dance class!

I had let myself think I could not carve out the time when in fact I knew I could. I just didn’t want to do what was necessary to change my routine. But when I looked at my Why Bother knowing that not changing my routine to do what I really want to do is just sad.

And so I told her what I’m telling myself and what I’m saying to all of you:

If you have a desire for something different but your brain is feeding you thoughts that you can’t because of money or time generally there is a WHY BOTHER going on underneath. A fear of change that is stopping you. NOT MONEY OR TIME.

Actually, answer your Why Bother question and then go after what you desire!

If that includes joining Career Reset the doors close tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21st at Midnight.

Click here for details.

If you have more questions email me and we can jump on a call! [email protected].  Do not let fear of change get in the way of your career dreams! 

Creating Career Change When You Don’t Wanna