I recently asked this question on Facebook and LinkedIn, “What stops you from pursuing your career dream?” 

Here were the 3 responses I got the most.

  1. I do not have the time to pursue my career dream.
  2. I will not make the money I need to support myself doing my career dream.
  3. I really do not like what I am doing but have no idea what my career dream is.

This just confirmed what I already knew.

I knew it because I had these exact same thoughts.

I am here to tell you that these thoughts are all a bunch of hooey.

Your brain feeds you these thoughts, so you don’t change. Your brain finds change scary and threatening. It will do whatever it can to keep you staying right where you are, doing right what you are doing.

The fact is:

You can create the time to move your career dream forward. Billionaire Spanx founder Sara Blakely sold fax machines door-to-door for 2 years while developing her first product, toeless pantyhose, in her spare time. You need to carve out the time and make it a priority, but you can do it!

You can make at least what you are making now and possibly even more, a lot more, doing what you love. I am the perfect example of this. I left my salary plus commission software sales job where I was the number one rep. It was a salary I could count on and budget against every month. I started my own small business knowing next to nothing about what it would take to succeed. In the first year, I doubled my software sales salary.

You can figure out your dream. You actually already know what you would love to be doing instead of what you are doing now. It may not be fully visible but you have a sense and know some aspects of what your dream career would be.

Your Career Dream Formula

Your Gifts + Your Abilities + Your Skills + Your Passions + What feels like fun = Your Career Dream Formula 

Courage + External Support + Invisible Support + Thought Work + Belief = Your Career Dream Fulfilled

This is simple math though I know it can feel complex, confusing and downright scary to consider stopping what makes sense to do something totally different like pursue a seemingly unrealistic dream.

Which is why I created the Career Reset program. It is what I wish I would have had when I was thinking about going after something different.

If I had the support of a program like Career Reset I know I would not have stayed 2 years too long in a job I loathed.

If I had a community of women who were figuring out their next move at the same time that I was it would have felt so good. All that wisdom all in one place!

If I had guidance from someone who had made a career leap into her dream career and now coaches others to do the same it would have given me the needed confidence.

If I had a foundational anchor tethered to my unique gifts, abilities, and skills, a compass of tools to orient me and keep me on course and a map to show me the next steps on my path I know my worries would have been less and my courage stronger.

That is what the Career Reset Group Program is – the anchor, the compass, and the map to your Career Dream. 

Don’t let fearful thoughts be in charge of your joy. Don’t call something a reason when it is really just an excuse. Take the first step towards your Career Dream and join Career Reset. 

Our next cohort starts May 16th

If you feel that leap of YES on the inside. DO NOT IGNORE IT. Don’t let your scared brain try to talk you out of it. SIGN UP RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

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