Are you living a contingent career?

I’ll do that when…

How often have you thought,

“I’ll take that special vacation as soon as I have X amount of dollars in savings.


“I’ll change jobs once this project completes.”


“I’ll go begin doing my side hustle dream job once my company hires that person.


“I’ll reduce my hours once the kids get out of college, the  parents are settled AND my partner finds that job.”

It seems like it is part of human nature that we put off changes contingent on certain things happening in the future.  The issue is that either these circumstances never occur, or we just replaced them with some other contingencies that we now need to fulfill before we make a career change.

Do not make Career Reset part of your contingency plan. Make it THE plan!

If the idea of a career change of any size or form has you feeling tired just thinking about it, then I invite you to join me for a FREE webinar.  Ease yourself into a Career Reset by Getting Your Career Drive Back. Register today and make your attendance contingent on nothing!