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Get Your Career Drive Back

One day, it hits me: what used to light me up just doesn’t anymore. Yet I’m a top performer in almost every aspect of my life. So I ask myself: Have I lost my career ambition?

Then I went down a rabbit hole of research, gave a TEDx talk on it, and am sharing my insights with you in this free LIVE webinar . . .




2:00 – 3:00 pm CT

I couldn’t believe it.

I started out being the top seller of software in my company. I built a mega-successful recruiting firm. I was a leader in my community. Yet, I’d lost my career spark. So I did a lot of soul-searching, research and even gave a TEDx talk on it!

Then, I designed this webinar for women tech leaders like you who might be feeling something similar. Because, together, we’re unstoppable. By the end of the webinar, you’ll see your career with fresh eyes and begin to feel that spark again. This is where you become a believer that your dream career is possible.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to rekindle your career drive
  • Insights behind losing your drive, especially at career peak
  • The stunning truth about career and legacy
  • What women in their mid to late career can do to feel career InspiHER’d – right now

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2:00 – 3:00 pm CT