It is Sunday morning. You had a productive week at work, you got a lot done over the weekend and now you have a few moments to yourself.

You might be lying in bed, taking shower, in your favorite chair sipping coffee, at the health club or on a long walk.

It is in these moments when your left brain is taking a well-deserved break, that that thought arises. You know the one. That thought that reminds you of your secret dream that you keep at bay by operating out of your strategic “doing”, brain as much as possible because you would rather not hear this thought.

The thought that says, I am still here! Your dream to (find a new job, change careers, start a business, write a book, go part-time…) is still here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Let me ask you. What do you do when the thought arises? Do you listen to it? Talk to it? Ask it questions? Take action?

Most of us just ignore it.

It actually feels painful to indulge in the idea of answering “the call” of our dream. To answer it requires change. It feels like a logistical nightmare. We’d have to tell other people at some point and hear their reservations and fears. We might have to stop doing some things and start doing new things. Ugh!

It’s easier to shut it down by saying it’s not the right time. Or the money isn’t there yet.  The stars are not aligned.

Newsflash: All of these are not the real problem.
The real problem is belief.

You don’t fully believe that your dream is possible.

You are choosing (yes, it is a choice) to believe these other thoughts instead.

What if you believed even though it seems a bit crazy?

What if you believed in spite of the external factors that appear to be barriers?

What if you let me believe for you?  

That is what Career Reset does.

It lets you take those first steps towards your secret dream without fully believing because I am there (and the other women in Career Reset are there) believing in you and your dream until you believe it fully for yourself.

I believe in the reality of your dream.

I know it is possible.

I believe!

Join Career Reset and let’s answer the call of your dream. I believe so you don’t have to. All YOU have to do is sign up for Career Reset! APPLY HERE.