I was talking over dinner with a dear friend. I asked her about her work. She had changed jobs several months ago and I think both of us were hoping this new job was going to be less exhausting than her old one.

As she talked, I knew the honeymoon period was over.

This job was more of the same. The same extremely long hours. The same constant fire-fighting with no time to improve processes. The same calendar of never-ending meetings.

She said she just needed to get more rest.

And that is when my spidey senses went up.

I know that when someone is experiencing Career Exhaustion it does not necessarily mean they need more rest.

What your Career Exhaustion might actually be trying to tell you is that it is time for something totally new. The job that used to energize you, the industry you used to love, the work pace that never used to adversely affect you is now draining the life out of you.

It is time for a Career Reset.

When I suggested this to my friend her response did not surprise me. She gave me all the reasons why she really did not need to consider a change.

She really did like the work she did. She liked her team. She liked her paycheck.

And my favorite: She just needed to ride things out a few more years and then she would have enough money to quit.

I get it. Changing careers can feel like a huge endeavor. That is why I created Career Reset to be the opposite of that.

What if you could spend 75 minutes one day a week for 10 weeks with other success-minded woman leaders creating a new roadmap for your career? And in between these sessions, you would have very little added to your to-do list. I deliberately made Career Reset a program where you can experience a big impact and positive change in your career without adding to your burdens.

You do not need to “ride things out”. You can actually have a career that energizes and inspires you. You can have work that serves not only others (your boss, your company, your family) but YOU.

Make the decision to create a Career Reset for yourself in 2023. Apply to Career Reset TODAY. Spots are limited.