This past weekend I was restocking the bathrooms with toilet paper.

When I got to the “kids” bathroom I realized that this was going to be the last time I would be putting toilet paper in their bathroom on a regular basis. My daughter moved out in September and my son is moving out this week.

I had to hold back the tears. This is a big life event. A big change for my husband and me. A big change to the energy in the house. A big change to the shopping bill. A big change.

And as I was tearing up, I realized that I also was feeling grateful.

I felt grateful that I had begun the journey of a  Career Reset for myself several years ago.  I became certified as a coach. I have been slowly but surely building my coaching business that feels exciting, fun and aligned with who I have become. I have been slowly but surely shifting my recruiting business. I am only taking on client work that lights me up.

7 years later I have a steady income, more clarity and am feeling great about this next stage in my career.

As I held that roll of toilet paper, I wondered how I would have felt at this moment if I had not followed my heart and pursued this new career.

I can tell you the tears would have been different. I would have felt sad no matter what. But I would also have had tears of regret because what I would have seen ahead for me would have been more of the same where my work was concerned.

There are lots of things that can trigger a Career Reset: 

  • Kids moving out
  • An AARP flyer just landing in your mailbox
  • That “certain” birthday
  • Seeing others going after their dreams and feeling jealous
  • A career disruption of some sort: layoff, company relocation, going back into the office or a shift in your role or responsibilities at work

Or you can just have that voice down in your gut telling you to stop waiting. Demanding you pay attention. 

A career reset can look like many things. It can be a new job, a new role, your own business or simply an addition to what you are doing now: speaking, joining a board or writing a book.

None of us has a crystal ball that can actually predict the future (or if you do …  we need to talk!) but you can create your future NOW by reconnecting with yourself, dreaming about all kinds of possibilities and then putting the first steps of a plan together.

I LOVE coaching. I LOVE being able to have a positive impact on people’s lives, make money and have fun all rolled up into the Career Reset I choose for myself 7 years ago. I emphasize the 7 years because this did not happen overnight for me. I thought about all kinds of possibilities. I read about some different ideas. I attended workshops and webinars. I followed what felt like fun to me. It led me to coaching.

Even if you do not exactly know what your Career Reset looks like today, don’t worry! You can begin to reveal it to yourself by joining my Career Reset program in January. The bigger point is that by putting the focus on your Career Reset now, December 2023 can look (and feel) completely different than December 2022.

Don’t get caught holding the toilet paper and using it to wipe away tears of sadness and regret!  Now is the time to reconnect with yourself, reimagine what is possible and reinvent what’s next in your career. Sign up for Career Reset Today! 


How Toilet Paper Can Trigger a Career Reset