I primarily recruit technologists and technology leaders for roles.

Yes. If you are in technology, then you are part of a very hot market. Even now, during a downturn in the markets.

Yes. If you are in technology you’ve probably had lots of recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to you about their open positions.

Yes.Β  This can get annoying.

Remember, like that radio shock jock that you hate listening to, you can change the channel.

You have choices.

You can turn off notifications in LinkedIn.

You can respond with β€œI’m not interested at this time. Thanks.”

Or you can choose not to respond at all to a LinkedIn message or email.

But, if you do respond, then make sure you keep responding throughout the process.

Ghosting πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» is just bad manners.Β 

And I ask, β€œWhat are you so afraid of?”

The value of having a relationship with a recruiter.Β 

A relationship with a recruiter is like having a secret weapon.

Recruiters have their pulse on what is happening with the market.

Recruiters have access whereas you might not.

Recruiters can knock on doors over and over on your behalf.

Recruiters are expert negotiators. They do it all day long.

Recruiters know about many companies that you may never have heard of that are in your backyard.

Recruiters are experts at navigating the job search process and preparing you for success.

We may not be able to help you today, but we are all about long-term relationships.

And when you ghost us we make note of that and the chances of us wanting to be in a relationship with you in the future diminish.

If you ghost me, then what does that say about how you will be with my client during the interview process? Β Once you get hired, what does that mean about your communication style? Do you avoid hard conversations? What about your relationship-building skills? Do you treat people poorly if you deem them unnecessary?

How you treat recruiters say a lot about how you treat others.

We are not scary!

A simple thanks but no thanks is as sweet as candy corn on Oct 31st.

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