One of my favorite poems, by Grant Lewi,  has been coming into my mind a lot lately.

She was relaxed in the saddle of fate.
She did what was required of her.
And she kept her ear cocked for the
Sound of the bugle to advance.   

That is what it feels like for me right now. And I wonder if it is feeling this way for you as well.

Maybe the fact that we are in the last quarter of 2022 has something to do with it.

We are moving into winter.

The time when, at least here in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere, things get quieter.

There is a pull to slow down, go inside, dream, and rest (not that we always heed that pull with all the holiday/work/life craziness).

The time when we sit in the saddle of fate-unsure what fate might have in mind for us.

Yet we are relaxed-recognizing that fear has no place in our lives.

The time when we do what is required of us-we are present in our work and lives.

And we keep one ear cocked, listening for the guidance of fate. Trusting that we will rest when it is time to rest and act when it is time to act.

What plans might fate have in store for you?

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Career Tip: Finishing 2022 Strong By Relaxing