Two weeks ago, I was looking forward to speaking at the Grace Hopper event ( in Orlando before picking up my husband at the airport and heading over to our timeshare on a barrier island near Sarasota. FL. Our plan was to celebrate our 30-year wedding anniversary and get some well-needed R and R.

Enter Hurricane Ian.

Our plans changed.

When it became apparent that the possibilities of being in the path of Ian were turning into probabilities, we got on the phone with the airlines and were lucky enough to get on a flight out of town late the next evening.

Next, we went out and filled up our gas tank.

Then we contacted our friends and families to let them know we had a plan of action so they could rest easy. And so could we.

Doesn’t that sound a bit like a career? 

You are going along doing your job thinking about where you might want to take your career next and WHAM,  a career hurricane.

The company announces a layoff.

Your boss turns in their resignation.

Your aging parents need your attention, and you need to take some unplanned time off.

The stock market takes away your retirement plan and now you have to work longer.

How to Respond In a Career Hurricane

There will often be warning signs. It might just be a career tropical depression right now, but it has the makings of turning into a career hurricane.

Tip #1: Listen:  If you are hearing rumors of a hurricane and they are starting to get louder, don’t ignore them. Ask questions. Confirm what you are hearing. Trust your instincts.

Tip #2:  Get Prepared. Is it time to get your resume and LinkedIn profile updated?  Should you start moving some of your money around? If your boss is leaving, are there people they can connect you to before they leave that will help you stay connected? Do you need to hire a coach to help you through this transition?

Tip 3: Let People In On What is Happening. Not only do people want to help you if you are experiencing a career hurricane but you will feel better sharing what is happening. You do not have to carry the load alone.

To navigate a Career Hurricane you want to watch for the signs and then make new plans. You don’t want to be caught in the eye of the storm on unstable ground.

If you are sensing a Career Hurricane schedule a Career Strategy Session. Don’t be left wishing you had done something sooner. Sign up HERE

Are you in a Career 🌪 Hurricane?