Career Strategy Session

Get Clear, Confident and Excited About Your Career



  • 60-minute virtual call with career strategist Laurie Swanson
  • Explore what’s working AND what isn’t
  • Answer: “What is my next best step?”
  • PLUS: 30-minute check-in session 2 weeks later

Not sure if a 1:1 private call is for you? Stop me if this sounds familiar … 

No doubt, you’ve logged lots of hours in your career. Maybe a few years or even a few decades. 

Plus, you have a full life. Reaction mode rules the day. Giving yourself permission to explore options sounds pretty amazing because . . .

You’ve reached a pause in your career: What’s next? What’s Possible? Is it time to try something new? Am I really connecting with my True Nature – that part of me that is called to do something greater than just putting in 40 hours a week? . . .

I can help you get clear in a single session. You might not have all the answers, but you’ll have sound direction and, best of all, clarity on what to do next in your career or job search.

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Total Investment $427

Meet Your Career Sherpa and True Nature Coach

Hi, I’m Laurie. I started out as a coder and then invested 20+ years leading Laso Corp., a hugely successful recruitment firm with a focus on tech. I’ve placed thousands of people and written 300+ articles about careers. 

Then, one day, I realized I needed to take my own advice and follow my true calling: to connect success-driven women in corporate and tech with a career they love. Wam bam, InspiHER Tech was born! 

Besides being a certified coach and workplace inclusion expert, I love making career development and job transitions FUN! What sets me apart from other career coaches? My core philosophy: when you align with your True Nature – that big thing you were meant to do in this world – you fall in love with your career again! 

For many of us, our identities are tied to our careers. So if your “whole job thing” isn’t going too well, you feel it 24/7. Let’s not waste the day. Let’s get InspiHER’d, together!

“If I hadn’t scheduled this call to InspiHER Tech, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

 Katherine K.

Book a Career Strategy Session

Total Investment $427