Career Strategy Session

Get Clear, Confident and Excited About Your Career


What is a Career Strategy Session?

  • 60-minute virtual call with career strategist Laurie Swanson
  • Explore what’s working AND what isn’t
  • Answer: “What is my next best step?”
  • Start building your Career Strategy Action Plan
  • PLUS: 30-minute check-in session 4 weeks later

Want to put your feet up and relax — knowing your career is cleared for takeoff? 

No doubt, you’ve logged lots of hours as a woman in a tech-focused career. Maybe a few years or even a few decades. 

Plus, you have a full life. Reaction mode rules the day. Giving yourself permission to explore options sounds pretty amazing because . . .

You’ve reached a pause in your career: What’s next? What’s Possible? Is it time to try something new? Am I really connecting with my true nature – that part of me that is called to do something greater than just putting in 40 hours a week? . . .

A Career Strategy Session is a 1-on-1 conversation to move your career in the right direction — NOW!

Done once a year, it’s like an annual tune-up to turbocharge your career.  Align your experience, skills and passions with strategic focus. Because a great career shouldn’t be a mystery. In fact, the answers are inside you.

We’ll find them together. 

  • Am I on the right career track?
  • If I make a change, will I feel less stuck?
  • How do I feel more confident in my career?
  • How can I be more visible and have greater impact? 
  • What if I were more intentional for the next 12 months?
  • What needs to change in my career, so I feel happier?
  • Is this the year I start my side hustle?

Total Investment $347

Who leads the Career Strategy Session? 

Your Career Strategy Session is led by InspiHER Tech founder Laurie Swanson, better known as a Career Sherpa for Women in Tech-related careers.

Laurie started her career as a coder, before spending 20+ years as a recruiter. She has placed thousands of people in tech jobs and publishes a weekly blog exclusively for Women in Tech-related careers. 

Laurie is a certified coach, workplace inclusion expert and loves making career development and transition FUN!

“If I hadn’t scheduled this call to InspiHER Tech, I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

 Katherine K.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa was a software quality assurance analyst at a global company. She had decent career progression, but nothing wildly great. After 10 years with the same company, she maxed out her rise up the ladder. Her choices? Make a sideways move or move overseas. Neither lit Lisa’s heart on fire.

After a Career Strategy Session, Lisa connected her work with her passions. She explored her options: expand herself as a leader? Stay in the same industry? Keep doing the same-o, same-o? 

Lisa got clear on what she wanted and acted on a list of career strategy action steps that included talking to her company’s career development department (she didn’t even know this existed!) and connecting with people doing work Lisa thought was interesting. Yesssssssss!

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