I’m in the process of building a coaching business while continuing to sustain my recruiting business.

At times I have the thoughts like, “Why is this taking so long?” “What am I doing wrong?” “What should I be doing differently?

Why am I not “there” yet?

I feel uncomfortable and keep looking towards the future. To some other “there” that is better than this one.

It brings up self-doubt, fear and second-guessing.

Then I saw a maple tree that we had planted in our front yard 15 years ago. This maple tree is special because it came off of my great-grandparents and grandparents property in Michigan. When my grandparents decided to move to a retirement community and sell the property my dad and I dug up a small sapling. I brought it home and we planted it here in my Illinois front lawn as a way to keep a part of my family history alive.  This tree is special to me.

When I noticed the tree the other morning I remembered that there were many points when I was afraid it wasn’t going to survive.

I would look at it and think,  “Oh, it’s looking weak. There’s no way it’ll make it through the winter.”

I would wonder why it had so few leaves on it and why they never really seemed to turn. It must not be thriving. Or maybe it was already dead!

I worried that it would never get “there”.

But today it is flourishing. Its leaves are turning colors in the crisp fall air and it stands majestic against the blue sky.

I know that if that tree could talk it would tell me that it was always “there”.

It was “there” when it was a sapling. It was “there” when it looked weak. It was “there” when it had just a handful of leaves on its branches.  It was “there” when it didn’t appear to be strong and capable of surviving through another season.

It’s “there” today, right now, and it has many more “there’s” in its future

I believe my business and your career follow the same type of evolution.

There are points where it looks like a career is faltering.

There are feelings of self-doubt and wondering about if we are where we should be. If we have made a wrong turn.

We doubt that where we’re at is where we should be. We wonder if we will ever feel like we are “there”.

NOW HEAR THIS: You are in fact “there”!    

How do I know?

Because this is where you are at in this moment.

Try This

Today, imagine that you are “there” in your career.

Choose to believe that what you’re doing in your career is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

If you’re on a job search, then trust that the job search is going exactly how it’s supposed to go.

Like the maple tree, how things may appear are not how things really are. There is always stuff inside of you and around you that is supporting you in your current “there” and preparing you for your future “there”.

Trust that and know you have arrived…there!

Act Now!

We all need support when we move from “there” to “there”.  Sign up for a Career Strategy Session and let’s shake that tree together!