Imagine being on the IT team and completing the well-planned changes to your routers and discovering that website traffic was no longer being properly directed…for your 3.5 billion Facebook users!

Now that’s an epic fail!

In comparison, discovering there is a typo on your resume that you just submitted to the job of your dreams or saying “uh” and “um” so often that the hiring manager cuts the interview short or getting ready to ask for a raise and finding yourself so scared you cancel the meeting telling yourself it can wait might not seem so bad.

Yet, in your world, these can feel like epic fails.

You let yourself down.

You have a plan that you want to execute on and yet you aren’t feeling confident.

How to Advert the Epic Fail 

If you are ready to find a new job or negotiate for that raise, then I have what you need to increase your odds of avoiding epic fails and experiencing positive outcomes instead.

The InspiHER’d Job Search Group Program!

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The best way to advert epic fails in your job search is to be prepared.

This program does that for you.

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