I was just going through some stuff on my desk and found an envelope. Across the front it said. “Laurie’s Top 100 2021”.  It was a list of 100 dreams I have for my life.

I have a vague memory of writing these down. Who knows, I may have even blogged about this?

I cannot remember what inspired me to make this list, but I would guess I read about it in a book.  And I do not know what I was supposed to do with this list.  I just filed it away…until today.

I pulled it out and read my list.

The first 25 or so are what you would expect. Normal stuff like remodel the house and have a chef cook me healthy meals.

Then they started to get a bit nutty like “Write an ever-classic Christmas song”. I would bet that I wrote that because of Bridget’s Jones Diary. If you have seen that movie, you know that one of her friends had written 1 Christmas song years before and continued to live off the royalties. Sounds pretty good to me!

I dream of writing a book with Martha Beck, being a walking buddy with Oprah in Maui and playing bridge with Warren Buffet.

I also have things like be a great wife, mom, friend, coach, and employer and to only do what I love.

And the big one – align with Divine Wisdom in every moment.

Divine Magic Is Happening!

Finding this envelope feels exactly like Divine Alignment.

This week has been crazy. I have 4 events (one is my 3rd “I’m NEVER doing another garage sale” garage sale). I also am getting ready to go out of town so I need to write 3 blogs and I have 0 ideas.

I have been feeling the pressure.

In the 5 minutes before I found the envelope, I had my head on my desk feeling very anxious and sad.

Then I went looking for something I needed and the Divine delivered me this envelope.

At first, I was going to put it back, but something stopped me (Divine Intervention perhaps???). I was so intrigued by what I might have written. Even though I did not feel like I could afford even the 5 minutes it was going to take to read it I did it anyways.

And my energy completely shifted. I LOVE my dreams. I laughed at many of them (like being a host on The Voice) and felt touched by others.

Igniting Your Divine Guidance

If you have been feeling stressed or sad, take 5 minutes and write out some practical and fantastical dreams.  Allow the Divine to hold stress for a moment.  Allow your mood to shift.

AND… you are now reading the first of the 3 blogs.  Thanks Divine

Just imagine what the Divine has in store for you!

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