On the prep call for tomorrow’s Unstoppable Series – Creating Career Success on Your Terms (COME JOIN US) – one of the guests, Kristen, was talking about what prompted her to leave her successful 15-year career in the healthcare field to open up her vintage store.

A close colleague of hers had just been promoted into her dream job the week before. Then Kristen got the news that this colleague passed unexpectantly. She was in her 30’s and left behind two children.

This was the catalyst for Kristen.

In our call she said something that really landed:

“After hearing of my friends passing I knew I did not want to do my dream job for just 1 week”.

No More Waiting!

When we have a dream we feel excited. And then in come the gremlins. Those thoughts that are very compelling and super logical reasons why it is not quite the right time to go after our dream.

We need to save a bit more money.
We need to wait until medicare kicks in.
We need to wait for our kids to get out of high school.
We need to wait until we lose the weight, own a home, get married, finish this project.

If you knew exactly when your last day would be on earth how would that change the decisions you make today about how you spend your time?

It is BECAUSE we don’t know that we need to stop 🛑 waiting to live the life we yearn to live!

Try This

Moving forward with your dream is not as hard as you think it is. Start by answering this one question:

If you could do one thing today to move your dream forward, what could you do?

Then become Unstoppable! Go after that first step and then ask that question again. What is the next one thing you can do?

Rinse and Repeat.

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