Take Charge Coaching

Standing out among thousands of other candidates means taking a different approach

Take Charge Personal Coaching – because finding the right job inspires a wildly fulfilling life. Differentiate yourself at each critical milestone, in your resume, LinkedIn profile, interviewing and negotiating skills.  

Clearly market your value to potential employers

Enjoy your job search (really)

Take action and create traction 

Reduce job search anxiety


MORE job leads.   MORE interviews.

MORE salary.  MORE confidence.

You’ll feel new energy when you find the right job.

Sounds great, right? But maybe you’re thinking . . . 

I’ve sent my resume and cover letter out with no results. Finding a job has changed since I started out. I just need a little extra guidance to put the basics into action.

That’s why we created Take Charge Personal Coaching. It’s for all those who want the personal attention and accountability of a 1-on-1 coach.

What is Take Charge Personal Coaching?

Take Charge Personal Coaching is 1-on-1 coaching to help you streamline your job search with personalized, focused support that will save you hours of time and frustration. 

Once a week for four weeks, you’ll have a one-hour virtual session with the guided expertise, support and accountability of Laurie, your Career Sherpa. She will meet you where you’re at – every session is personalized around you

In between sessions, results follow the action! You will:

  • Connect with future employers using the right job search tools
  • Get clear on organizing and planning your job search faster
  • Take action with confidence – and full knowledge of your value and self-worth
  • Get prepared for all types of interviews: initial, tech, video, group and HR
  • And . . . know what to say so you negotiate with confidence

I so appreciate Laurie’s coaching.

She’s really great at figuring out my root problems. – Robin S.

Have a new profound sense of self that is, in a word, unstoppable

Feeling stuck holds us back. Sometimes, it’s not knowing what to do next. Sometimes, it’s simply missing what makes us extraordinary. In fact, not knowing our worth is what gets us deep in the mud in the first place.

Feeling like we’re not enough.

Wondering why we don’t get the glamour projects.

Hoping our salary will go up on the next annual review.

Thinking we don’t bring as much value to the table as other people.

Being labeled by the tech we use rather than the value we contribute.

It’s hard to feel fulfilled when you feel stuck. We get you . . .

Hello, N-O. Time to move forward. Time to Take Charge. 

Things are only going to change if you change them first. Stand out among hundreds of other candidates. Know and market the value you bring to organizations. This is the key to getting the job title, salary, work culture and I’ll get you over the finish line.

I’ve helped 10,000+ job seekers and career changers achieve success with support, accountability and my 20+ years experience. Plus, I know the profound difference-maker for anyone looking for a job: your #1 superpower is your spiritual center.

Connecting your true nature to your career is why people I coach have 

  • Found jobs they are excited about
  • Negotiated up
  • Created side hustles they’ve always dreamed of
  • Transitioned into new careers faster

What to Expect


Organize your job search inner work so you can move forward faster.

We start with a resume audit. From there, we identify how you can stand out in the competitive field of tech-related jobs. Take Charge Personal Coaching is tailored to you, your interests and your goals. With personalized attention, you’ll begin to shape up your resume and LinkedIn profile as magnets to potential employers, sharpen your interviewing and negotiating skills – and, ultimately, find a job that gets you excited about going to work.


When you show up, show up big. The thing is, you have to believe it first.

Walk into the room with confidence. We’ll build and expand on what matters to you most while answering practical job search and career direction questions. You’ll get your thoughts and beliefs flowing for a successful job search journey.


Taking action is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

Create traction. What seems impossible is made possible through action. Laurie breaks it down into doable, achievable small steps. As you move through your job search, your future becomes real and attainable. Dare we say that a job search can be fun? It is – and yours will be too!


Find the best job for you.

Set benchmarks, gather feedback and press go on your job search – so you can breathe, rest, enjoy and feel confident you are going in the right direction. The more job search results you see, the more unstoppable you become.


We are not done! Another exciting part of signing up for Take Charge Personal Coaching is that you get a FREE bonus of your choosing. No need to decide today – choose your free bonus any time during your personal coaching.

 When You’re Ready, You Decide:

  • Add an extra 60-minute session right now! Keep your job search moving forward.
  • Schedule a 3-month check-in. New questions? No problem.  Laurie is here for you. 
  • Take the Passion Test with Laurie, a certified Passion Test facilitator. 

Your Total Investment is $1297

Want to move forward but not sure how?

Schedule a 30-minute call with Laurie.