You’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction and the idea that like attracts like.

You actually may have received advice around how to attract more of what you want by “adjusting your energy” to match what you want to attract.

I do believe that everything is simply energy resonating at different vibrations. And this is not just woo-woo. Einstein agrees. This is science.

But what does energy have to do with your career?

What Do You Really Want?

Recently, I was listening to Anita Moorjani on Martha Beck’s podcast.  After hearing her Law of Attraction story, it gave me a deeper level of understanding about how powerful we are in creating what we want…and what we don’t want, in our lives.

Anita Moorjani is an author of several books. In 2006, while in a coma for 30 hours dying from cancer, she had a near-death experience (NDE).  After she awoke, within weeks, all her tumors had disappeared.  She was healed. In her memoir, Dying to Be Me, Anita tells her story of healing and what she learned about her and everyone’s inherent worth (

I have read her book more than once and love her message yet it wasn’t until I heard her talking on the podcast that a new shift happened for me.

A Broken Strategy

In the podcast, Anita talked about how she was encouraged by Wayne Dyer to write her book. After her book came out, she had fans, but she also had critics.

People who did not believe she had an NDE.  People who doubted she was a sick as she said. People who thought it was impossible for her to have recovered as quickly as she had despite doctor proof.

Because the naysayers were out there, she took on a strategy of trying to respond to their doubts before they could voice them in an effort to have them see her perspective.

Except this strategy had the exact opposite effect.

Instead of bringing people into her fold she was just attracting more and more critics!

She realized that by adjusting her message to overcome the objections and the attacks from the non-believers she was out of alignment with what was really true for her.

Anita knew what happened to her and she knew that she was supposed to tell people about the message she had received during her near-death experience. She had a physical experience that healed her of cancer rapidly AND she had a spiritual experience that changed her forever as well. Telling her story to help others see their own value and worth was the reason for what happened and was her purpose in life.

Once she realized that it was her actions that were attracting the critics, she changed it up. She no longer worried about the critics. She spoke her truth and this changed everything.

How are You Modifying your Career Message?

We all watch what and how we say things. Culture seems to demand it.

We modify our message to cover our real truths in order to avoid conflict, keep things on an even keel or because we aren’t sure that what we have to say has value.

When we modify our message and hide our real truth we play smaller and self-doubt has an access point.

Do you have a deep career truth that you aren’t speaking?

  • What do you really want to be doing in your career?
  • Who do you want to be doing it with?
  • How do you want to work?
  • What BIG dream are you shelving?

When you speak your Career Truth you get back in alignment with your True Nature.  

When you are aligned with your True Nature you begin to attract the resources, people, ideas and solutions you need to make your Career Truth a reality.

Are you ready to speak your Career Truth and attract the career you’ve been dreaming about? Sign up for my NEW one-on-one coaching program, True Nature, today. Let’s do this!


Martha Beck and Anita Moorjani on empaths and what we attract.