On a recent coaching call I was talking with my client about her hopes, dreams and fears.

Yet, what she was saying didn’t feel centered to me.  Something felt off.

I wondered aloud, “What is the ugly truth under all of what you are saying.”

Hard Stop.

My client leaned back, looked down then looked at me.

And she spilled the beans.

Spills Can Be Messy

Once she spoke her ugly truth everything shifted. It felt like windows opening up and sunlight shining down on her.

Not because her ugly truth was clean or easy or pretty. Spills can be messy.  It was because the truth was given a voice.  Now she could begin to listen to her next best steps without all the other white noise of her story getting in the way.

And that felt like freedom.

What is your Career Ugly Truth?

What is the story you tell your partner, friends and yourself about your career?

Do you find yourself complaining about your boss, colleague, workload or team?

Complaining is a good sign that there is an ugly truth under your complaints.

If you could spill the beans, what truth would you give your voice?

  • You really don’t like the work you are doing even though it pays well?
  • If you never had to speak to your boss again you would not be sad?
  • You are done with this career and ready to turn everything in your life upside down if only you could find the courage?

Take some time this week and consider what your Ugly Truth is and give it a voice. Tell a friend. Write it down in a journal. Whisper to yourself on your walk.  Schedule a call with me.

Spill the beans and let freedom ring!

Are you ready to Spill the Beans of your Ugly Truth? Then sign up for a Career Strategy Session and get free! Sounds great Laurie.  I’m in!


Where did the idiom “to spill the beans come from”? One possibility.