I always include a photo in my blogs. If you are a regular reader, you probably have seen them. They go along with the topic of the blog and may include a quote. Sometimes I make up the quote and sometimes I use something from a famous person.

That is all changing.


Because I just received an email from a company called Picrights letting me know that I broke the copywrite law by using a photo that contained a picture of Sonia Sotomayor along with a quote.


They are asking for $710 to resolve the issue.

When I read this email my stomach dropped. I felt queasy and my anxiety rose. I had assumed that a photo of a public figure was fair game. I had not meant any harm and my small company is not going to change the course of Sonia’s career in any sort of way.

That does not matter to Picrights. They are out on the internet searching for photos and then sending emails to get people to pay them before they escalate things to a law firm.

Not pleasant!

I worried.

Should I just pay them?

Is this a scam and I would be giving money to some underground drug cartel?

Should I ask for them to reduce the amount I had to pay?

Should I get a lawyer involved?

Should I put my head on my desk and hope it goes away?

Then a thought came into my head.

I could choose to look at this circumstance differently. I could choose to feel differently about this situation.

I could take a Blessings Walk.

What is a Blessings Walk?

I had recently been listening to an audio series by Tosha Silver called The Worry Trilogy. In it she talks about sending blessings to people instead of worrying about them.

I thought this was genius and that it would also work for other circumstances.

So I got on my tennis shoes and went on a Blessings Walk around the block.

For every step I took I blessed some part of the circumstance.

I blessed Picrights. I blessed Sonia Sotomayor. I blessed the photographer who took the picture and deserved to be paid for their work. I blessed my stomach which was in knots. I blessed my bank account that might have to pony up some cash. I blessed the lesson.

And then I did it again and again. Slowly but surely, as I said, “ I bless XXX”  I felt my stomach unclench and my center of peace return.

Is it Time to Take Your Career on a Blessings Walk?

What makes your stomach clench right now when you think about your career circumstances?

Is it your salary?

How do you feel about your boss? Or your bosses boss?

What about that one colleague?

How about your commute or lack of commute?

What about the Delta variant of Covid and returning to work?

Maybe it’s that project that just seems to be limping along?


Take 15 minutes and take a Blessings Walk. Head outside and with each step bless your career stomach clencher.

Do not try to solve any part of the problem. This is not a Solutions-Finding walk (though that is a good idea😊).

This is a Blessings Walk. You simply bless the situation and the people involved then watch yourself return to peace.

From there all actions will be peaceful ones.

When your Career is Connected to your True Nature you feel blessed. Let’s Take Your Career on a Blessings Walk.  Sign up for True Nature today.  Let’s Do This!


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