“There’s so much going on and it’s all good”.

This was an email I received from a coaching client as we were getting ready to schedule her final coaching session.

We had been working together to bring her confidence and clarity in her job search. She had ideas about what she thought she wanted and had been doing some interviewing but was not having success.

Per my usual self, I focused both on the practical side of her job search as well as the Spiritual.

She was getting interviews which told me that her resume was in good shape.

She was getting to the final rounds in her interviews which meant her interviewing skills were solid.

The problem was that she was not getting offers which left her feeling unsure and disappointed.

Why No Offers?

Her big question for me was why?

Practically, this could mean that she was either overqualified, underqualified, overpriced or not a right culture fit. We unpacked the feedback she had received and made our best guesses to why she was not selected for each of the roles she was close on.

In one case, she had not asked the right questions around salary, so she had priced herself out of the job. We talked about how to go about gathering the data and responding to this question without closing the door.

In another case, the role was a stretch for her. She knew that when she applied, yet hoped they would give her a chance. The interviews went very well but, in the end, they went with someone who had more experience and could hit the ground running. Made sense.

The third opportunity was the closest fit in many ways. Salary, role responsibilities, location, team size and more. She really clicked with everyone she spoke with and anticipated an offer. When it did not come this was a real blow.

And it didn’t make sense!

That is When Things Got Spiritual!

As we talked through what had happened, I sensed the something else was going on. I decided to dig a little deeper.  I asked what she would be doing if she could be doing whatever she wanted versus what she thought made sense in her career?

“I want a hobby farm!”

As soon as she said this the hairs on my arms stood on end. This is my sign that we are on to something important.

She said that something was already in the works and a hobby farm might be in her near future. Given this, we talked about how her current company and role might actually be the best place for her right now and her whole demeanor changed. Her face brightened up and she looked relaxed.

Putting her job search on pause was her next step.

Fast forward – she has her farm and is in the same job she thought she could not wait to get out of and she couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes a job search gets you a new job and sometimes it gets you a new life…better than any job you thought you wanted.

What is the job you think you want and what is the job you dream of?

Sometimes what we think we want isn’t what we actually want.  Are you ready to find your hobby farm?  Schedule a Career Strategy Session today!


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