I am an imperfect gardener.

I don’t weed as often as I should.

I know I’m supposed to fertilize but when, how?

I put my plants too close together.

And I stress and worry about this…a lot.

Until one day, when I was peacefully picking tomatoes for a salsa I was getting ready to make, I had an ah-ha moment. I realized that, even though I am an imperfect gardener, I still harvest an amazing amount of delicious vegetables even with the weeds.

All my worry and fretting and guilt-tripping about how I should do more of that or less of this did not matter.

The harvest comes in spite of this.

So why worry?

Your Real Career Goal

The same things happen in a career.

You plant the seeds of education, applying to new job, raising your hand to be put in a stretch role or hiring a coach.

Then you fret and worry about the perceived goal.

I won’t pass my certification exam.
I better get this job, I need to make more money!
I will not get selected for that stretch role.
I should be climbing the ladder fast enough.
Everyone is on to me-they know that I’m not qualified.

What if you have your goal wrong?
What if your real goal was not the outcome but how you felt during the process?

Try this:

  1. Write down a big career goal.
  2. Imagine how you will feel once you reach that goal. Write down those feelings.
  3. Complete in this sentence:  “My goal is to feel _________________, _____________________ and ____________________ every day.

When I am planting the garden, watering the garden, watching the garden grow despite my imperfect efforts I then enjoying the bounty, I feel peace, excitement, astonishment and love.

Ah-Ha: Those feelings you anticipate when you reach your stated goal are actually available to you right here and right now. They are the real goal!

No more waiting for the higher salary to come or the job to appear or imposter syndrome to disappear in order to feel joy, peace, connection and love.

When you focus on how you are feeling (#2)  instead of your desired outcome (#1), the likelihood that your desired outcome will occur is probably the same, if not more likely, AND you feel good all along the way.

Focus on the feelings and enjoy the bounty of your life!

Let’s redo your goals and feel your way to more peace, joy, love and connection. Sign up for a a Career Coaching Session today. Yes, please!


Laurie the Imperfect Gardener!