I had my first in-person meeting with a client in over a year and was in a quandary.

I stood in my closet for way too long looking at my options.

Should I wear a dress?
A skirt?
Dress slacks?
Is it wrong to wear jeans?

I finally decided on a nice pair of dark jeans, dressy blouse and 1-Inch heels (anything taller was not going to happen). I felt a bit off. Would what I was wearing come across as too casual or unprofessional?  I considered changing but, in the end, just went with it.

Times They are A-changin’

When I arrived, I noticed my client was in dark jeans as well! I told her about my quandary in deciding if wearing jeans was “business” enough.

She laughed and said, “I almost wore my yoga pants!”

In a related event, I have another client who is kicking off her job search because their company is making plans for people to come back into the office full-time. She is not interested in going back to that way of working. Working remotely has given her more time with her family and dog. More free time on weekends because she can get errands done more easily during the week. She is happier, energized and more relaxed.

And…equally, if not more, productive and engaged with her work.

Is it Time for a Career Role Reframe? 

You might not be ready to start looking for a new job, yet know might be the perfect time to reframe your role at work so that it works for you and your employer.

Try this Career Reframing Exercise:

  1. Get clear on your why:
  • List all the things that have improved for you due to working from home.
  • What do you attribute this improvement to:  more or less meetings with boss/team, casual dress daily (can you say yoga pants!), more money in your pocket, eating better, less stress…
  1. Bring it to the person who can make it happen for you. Here is a roadmap on how to go about doing this from Flexjobs.com:
  • Do Your Research
  • Outline the Benefits
  • Create a Proposal
  • Ask for a Meeting
  • Show Your Results
  • Be Flexible
  • Get Personal
  • If Not Now, Keep Trying

Check out the full article here:  https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/negotiate-a-work-from-home-arrangement/Show how

Go for having what you want! Create success on your terms! Yoga Pants 4-eveh!

If you know you want things different but are not quite sure how that might look then let’s talk. Sign up for career coaching with my Your Future Now program.  Get InspiHERed, dream, plan and manifest!


Tim Hawkins Sings “Yoga Pants”