My passion, you might even say my mission, is to reconnect women to careers that are a reflection of their true nature.

Let me give you my definitions of what I mean:

True Nature: Some call it their authentic self or their true self. I like true nature. What comes naturally to you. Essentially you are living from true nature when your life is a full expression of who you truly are beyond fear, comparison, mind-chatter and culture. It is when you are led from your inner knowing using your gifts, skills, abilities, and personality that you have honed and nurtured over time. It is when your values, beliefs and desires align with your actions without the external pressure to conform to your parents, peers, partner, boss or society as a whole. You are following your inner compass creating what you are called to create in the world. This could be art, music, a product, a family, a business or a career.  Of course, we all have to adapt to live in society. We can do that AND be 100% true to ourselves.

ReconnectImagine the feeling of that last puzzle piece falling into place. That ahhhh moment that comes when you settle in front of a fire with your favorite blanket, hot beverage and a book. The experience of joy you feel when you are doing something that feels so right that you believe you could do this always and never have a moment of discontent. This experience is often connected to using your life in a way that makes a contribution to the greater good. That place when all is well with your Soul.

That’s the connection! The settling in your center when your true nature meets the work you are meant to be doing in the world.

And you can do this from your couch while watching YouTube videos!

How to Use YouTube to Reconnect Your Career to Your True Nature 

When you are letting go of cultural norms, roles and beliefs and reconnecting with your true nature it starts on the inside. And that means it starts with a feeling. Try these 3 steps:

Step One:  Explore Adventures – if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? What experiences would you like to have?  What’s always intrigued you? Go to YouTube and find those things.

My Examples: The first place I went was to Londolozi in Africa.  I dream of hanging out with Martha Beck on a nature safari connecting with the wild and all that is.  Then I watched waves on the beaches of Hawaii – yum. Next, I visited Peru and lived among the Shamans considering Ayahuasca. Finally, I found myself hiking through New Zealand in hopes of meeting their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The feelings of excitement that you feel while watching these adventures are the goal.

Warning: Time will fly by, so set the timer on your oven because your dinner might just burn.

Step Two: See It to Be It – Watch at least three videos of people earning a living doing things you would love to earn a living doing.

My Examples: I first watched Brené Brown giving a Ted Talk.  Then a video of Martha Beck talking to Marie Forleo while on her book launch. Next, I searched out Oprah’s  Super Soul Sunday videos. Finally the video of Diablo Cody accepting her Oscar for her Juno screenplay.

Here’s the thing, if these people can earn a living doing what they love so can you. 

Step Three:  Feel the Feels
 – Of all the things you watched which one made your heartbeat the fastest? Which one made you say I cannot wait to do that?

Great! Now close your eyes, go inside and ask yourself, “What is 1 thing I could add or shift in my career that feels like how I felt watching these people earning a living by doing what they love?”

My Example:  For me  it was watching Oprah interview people on Super Soul Sunday. As I lay there quietly with my eyes closed, I had the thought- a Podcast! That made me feel very excited which, as you can guess, is one of the ways your true nature lets you know you are on to something. It will be a podcast where I interview people who have created success on their own terms. Where their careers are connected fully to their true nature.  Watch out, you could be my next guest!

For a quick recap:

Step One is all about creating these feelings of possibility. Where you shift your energy towards things that you are enthusiastic about and make your heart sing.

Step Two is when, from the place of your singing heart, you follow that inner tug to videos that give you confirmation of what’s possible.

Step Three is you answering the call of your true nature. Through your small action you can begin to reconnect your career to your true nature, one crazy YouTube couch adventure at a time.

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Diablo Cody Oscar-winning speech for the movie “Juno”